Charles Armstrong

The following history was submitted by Marg Gish February 16, 2015. Her email address as of 2015 is

 Marg shares her research that she conducted about 15 years ago on Charles Armstrong  of Island Creek Township, Jefferson County, Ohio.
I also submitted the deed to the school Dist 2. If anyone has any information on it, please contact Marg.

From Google Books
This is  from family search  record of the 1850 Census showing Charles  Armstrong and  son Robert and Ann Ekey and family.

Early Ohio Tax Records - Page 205
2009 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
Auditor of State of Ohio "The following is a list of Non Residents lands entered for taxation in the county of Jefferson, State ... John Dohrman , Arnold H . 1801, 1802 , 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806 Adams , Samuel Arnold, Daniel Armstrong, Charles ...

Commemorative Historical and Biographical Record of Wood ...
M. A. Leeson - 1897 - ‎Read - ‎More editions Page 1090

G. ARMSTRONG was born in jefferson coun. ty, Ohio, january 23, 1844. and is the son of Robert and Ann (Ekey) ... Charles Armstrong, was a shoemaker, and came to America from Ireland, settling in jefierson county, Ohio, where he died at  ...

You will find that Charles was mention by his grandson John G. Armstrong,  of Wood Co. Oh. John G. was son of Robert and Ann Ekey Armstrong, who sold the Island Creek farm in 1866 and moved to Seneca Co. OH. Where his brother George and Mary Ann Swickard Armstrong had moved in 1833.

You can find his name listed in History of Jefferson Co. Oh
The copy I have was taken from Jefferson County Townships by Doyle, 1910

This I found under the Garlock-Elliott family on the Jeffeson Co. Gen web site.

Transcribed from History of Steubenville and Jefferso Co. Oh, Joseph B. Doyle Richmond Arnold Publishing Company, Chicago, Ill. 1910

Reproducerdin 1992 by Closson Press, Apollo, PA under the sponership of Jefferson Co. History Society and Museum and Genealogy Library Steubenville, Oh.

Heading Island Creek township page 451.... listed  along with...... James Patterson, Charles Armstrong, Adam Hout, John moore, Charles Porter, Thomas Fleming, Andrew Huston, Joseph Howell's, James and Abel Crawford, ..................

Google Books

Ohio Arch. and His. Society Publicans page 156

At the session Cross Creek, Township was organized (June 4, 1806) the County Comissioners set of the Sixth Township of the secon d Range and named Island Creek Township, leaving Steubenville Township composied of fractional parts of Townships Two and Three of fractinal Ranges One and Two. Then by another resolution, the fracitonal part of TownshipThree of Range One was cut off Stuebenville and added to Island Creek..

" Among the first settlers were Isaac Shane, Michael Castner, James Shane, Daniel Viers, Jacob Cable, Philip Cable Andrew Ault, James Ball, William Jackson, Richard Lee, John House, Daniel Arnold, John Simpson, Richard Brisband, James Patterson, Charles Armstrong, William Jackman, Adam Hout....................

(My information from deed dates May 12, 1801 these three James Patterson, Charles Armstrong, and William Jackman had land besides each other. Although it was Richard Jackman who first owned the land and then in1804 sold land to William Jackman. Richard I believe moved to Ross Twp.) 

From a copy of the Original  Common Pleas Journal. B. P. 51 September Term A. D. 1812
Henry Jackman, Robert Jackman, Charles Armstrong, George Jackman and Alexander Olliver, ................. Alliens, came into court and made application to be admitted as citizen of the United States of America.", and it goes on with other names and etc.  

This was found when I wrote to the Historical Society. And they sent me copy of this.
As so noted in the 1839 Court of Common Pleas. As well as the last deed signed by Richard Jackman of 1819.

I have a photo copy of a deed from Charles Armstrong to John Rhinehart and other School Directors.
K-182 Jefferson Co.Oh, Deed Book K-p 182.

"This Indenture made the sixth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven. Between Charles Armstrong and Susannah, his wife, of the County of Jefferson and State of Oh, oof the one part of John Rhienhart, Thomas Penrose and Joseph Bursen, Dirctors of the School Dist No. Two in Island Creek Township of the same County and State of the other part. Witness that the said, Charles Armstrong and Susanna, his wife, for and in the consideration of the sum of Two dollars and fifty cents to them in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledge havee granted, burgained and sold, and by these presents  do grant, bargain , sell, convey and confrim unto the said, John Rhinehart, Thomas Penrose, Joseph Buson, and their successors in office for the sole use of the inhabitants of said, district for the use and support of school there in and for no other use and purpose whatsover all the following described lot of land with the appurtenances, altuete, lying and being in the Island Creek, Township, Jeffeson Co. Ohio, aforesaid and is bounded as the follows, to wit: Beginning for the same at a white walnut sapling stand in the northern boundary of section number Twenty nine of Township number seven in Rand No. Two ten perches and fifteen feet west from the quarter section poast in said, section number twenty nine of Township number sevven, in Range No. Two, ten perches and fifteen feet west from quarter section post in said, section line and running due west twelve perches to a post, thence north forty two feet to a post, thence east twelve perches to a post thence south fourty feet to the place of beginning. To have and to hold the about describe lot of land and premises with the appurtenance to the said, John Thinehart, Thomas Penrose and Joseph Busonsaid, directors of said, School District and their said, successors in office to the only proper use and behoof of them the said, School Directors and their successors in office forever.

And the said, Charles Armstrong and Susana, jhis wife and their heirs executors and administrators do hereby covant and agree to and with the said, John Rhinehart, Thomas Penrose and Joseph Buurson, School Directos of said, District and their successors in Office that they the said, Charles Armstrong and Susannah, his wife, the above described lot of land and premises to the said, John Rhinehart, Thomas Penrose and Joseph Burson, Directors of said, School Distict and their successors in office shall and will warrant and forever defend against all lawful claims whatsoever.  In teh Testimoney where of the aforedaid, Charles Armstrong and Susannah, his wife, hathe here unto set their hand and seals this day. and  year first above  Written
Charles Armstrong (Seal)
Sealled and delivered in the presence of George Watson, Thomas Armstrong
The State of Ohio Jefferson Co ,SS     Seal
Onthe sixth day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twnety seven, personally appreared before me on of the Justice of the peace in said, County, within named Charles Armstrong, and Susannah ,his wife, and severally acknowledged the within instrument of wirting to be their act and voluntary deed for the proposes their expressed and requested that the same might be recorded as such. She the said, Susannah, being by me personally examined seperate and apart from her siad, husband and declared that she signed and as her act and deed delivered the same without any coercion and compulision from her said husband.

Given under my hand and seal this the day and year above written
George Watson, Justice of the peace
Jefferson County, SS Recorded on the 16 day of March 1827. A. Sutherland, Recorder

As far as I know Charles was not related to this Thomas Armstrong. When researching I check with Sandy Day and I wrote the researcher of Thomas Armstrong. She had no idea of her Thomas Armstrong connection to any of the Armstrong families in Jefferson Co. OH.

Also Robert and Ann Ekey Armstrong son Benjamin is buried in Mt Tabor Cemetery, near Ann's brother Thomas Ekey. I understand there is a Abel Armstrong buried there also. But have not been able to make any connections to my Armstrong family of Island Creek.  There were at least 5 different Armstrong families in Jefferson Co. Oh. Could not find any connects to any but my Charles family and the of course the Jackman and Patterson who came with Charles from Washington Co. Pa.

Thank you again.
I hope that Charles will become part of Island Creek History as an early settler and one who support Education.

Marg Gish Feb 16, 2015