30th of May - Photo – York School, Smithfield Twp.
Thanks to Parkinson Family  for photo!

York School, Smithfield Township {Article and photos provided by chapter member, Rena Goss} One of the photos Rena inherited is of York School and is most likely from the 1890’s. No identities are known. Perhaps all those in the picture were not students. Rena inherited these photos from her parents, Sterling and Faye (Grove) Glover. Written on the back of the photo, "This was York School when I went to school," Mary E. Parkinson.

By 1914, the school had the shutters removed and a porch added at the main door. There are two 1914 photos with those in the photo in different places. Robert and Dorothy (Bradac) Glover, of Jewett, Ohio have one photo which Robert’s father, Harold Glover, made a complete list of all the student’s names in the picture. The other photo is in the possession of John and Judy Parkinson of York. John’s mother, Gertrude (Calderhead) Parkinson, made a list of the student’s names with just a few blanks. She was a local history buff and collected many pictures of York School. Where there is an * indicates where a disagreement or omission between the Glover and Parkinson photo indentation occurred


York School, District No. 8, 1914

Row 1 {seated}: Jeanette Robb, Eva Dutton,* ___Richardson or Robinson, Cecil Dutton,* Birgil Dutton, Lorraine Henderson, Esther Smith, *Minnie Chambers or Criswell, *Minnie Criswell or Ethel Gray, Albert Hammock, *Bertha Smith or Hammock, Merle Peron.

Row 2: Harry Chambers, Margaret Smith, Addison Kugler, Walter Parkinson, John Henderson, Sterling Glover, Harold Glover, *Floyd Hammock, Mont Parrish, Dean Sutherland, William Hammock.

Row 3 {standing}: Edgar Smith, Clyde Sutherland, Carl Henderson, Arthur Cook, Elva Kugler, teacher, Hilda Buck, Hazel Henderson, Edna Sutherland, *Thelma Robinson or Richardson, Luella Furby, William Hammock. York School building existed in the 1950’s as a residence. Later it was torn down and a mobile home is on the site now.

{Treasured School List – York, Smithfield Twp.}

The following was taken from the original ledger, dated January 17th, 1824 - School List at York, Jefferson County, Ohio No. 6, J. B. Brenan, & Matheny, Dv. (David)

James Francis     Jas’s Leech                 Benj Chance

James Leeper      Robert Brown            Perry Chance

Ja’s Moore          Eli Quaintance           Sam’l Fry

Walter Francis    Jn’o McCormick        Jn’o Stringer

David Carson      Wm Barkhurst           J {illegible}

---Updegraff        Illegible                    Wm. Barkhurst

Jn’o Johnston      Jn’o Eakins                Jn’o Boales

Wm Simkins        Wm Braden               Jn’o Belsh

John Irwin           Isaac Pearce              Wm Stoneman

Robt Woods        Joseph Bernh             Geo Gourley

R Spurrier            David Matheny         Daniel Honeycut