Col. George Webster

Webster - Civil War Veteran, Obituary

Steubenville Weekly Herald, Oct. 15, 1862 Col. George Webster – proceedings of a Meeting of the Members of the Bar of this City…whereas, we have heard with profound sorrow that our professional brother, George Webster, Esq., late Colonel of the 98th Regiment, O.V.I.  and acting Brigadier General, fell mortally wounded, at the head of his Brigade, in the battle of Perrysville, Ky., on Wednesday, the 8th of October, A.D., 1862 in defense of the Union. Therefore,

    1. Resolved, That in his death our country has lost a devoted patriot, the legal profession an honored member, his family a faithful and kind husband and father, and society a useful citizen.
    2. Resolved, That we deeply sympathise with the afflicted family of the deceased in their bereavement.
    3. Resolved, That we will attend the funeral of the deceased in a body.
    4. Resolved, That the chairman of this meeting present a copy of these proceedings to the Court of Common Pleas, at its next session, and request that they be entered at large upon the journal thereof.
    5. Resolved, That the chairman of this meeting, forward a duly certified copy of these proceedings to the family of the deceased.