{The following was taken from  A Time and Place In Ohio, local author, Mr. Robert Richardson, published in 1983}…the old schoolhouse across the creek, Ted Hamilton taught there in 1910, not far from Connorville... the Asa Hill School where Don Carpenter was the teacher in 1902…{pg. 225}…the old Buckeye School was about one and one-quarter miles north of the Y & O Company Store. Teachers after 1900 included: Earle B. Tilton, Mary Lindemuth, Marie Lindemuth, Nettie Kotchka, Mary Everson {also at Warrenton}, Mildred Yost, George Matthews, and Clemmie Dewhirst. On June 30, 1920 the Y & O Coal Company bought the Buckeye Local School property, including one-half acre of land, from the Warren Township Board of Education, of which William Jackson was president. However, classes continued in this one-room building until 1925, when a new three-room school was built east of the Company Store on the road to Yorkville {below}. Otis Easter, Medico Merzi, and others taught there until the school was closed in 1962.

{In 2005 Flora L. VerStraten and an associate visited Mr. Richardson at his home and with his permission took digital photos from Mr. Richardson’s personal photo collection which include some of these photos and many others. We hope to offer additional photos.}

Photo courtesy of Margie Brown
Below - 3 room school – Tiltonsville - 1880

Below - Rush Run One Room School - 1930
{Four-room School – Market & Grandview – ca. 1905}

In Tiltonsville, {1878} at a recent town meeting, the citizens had decided to proceed with their plans for building a new school…space accommodations were not adequate for the children of School District No. 8…construction commenced in the summer of 1880 on Public Lot. No. 60 just south of the Town Hall. A solid, limestone foundation …was fitted and sealed by local craftsmen, including Martin Liston…was a five-foot high, ornamental bell tower with a tall spire. Elementary education classes were started in the fall of 1880, and John H, Pyle, who formerly taught in Warrenton, was the teacher.

Below - Now known as the Warrenton Consolidated School at Tiltonsville, in 1890 this was the Grover Village School. Identified, teacher John Pyle, Lizzie Carpenter, Lizzie Cunningham, Nellie Conaway, Mary Liston, Jane Tent, Hannah Garden, teacher Miss Anna Meek, Addie Risdon, Sallie Davis, Maude Lycott, Earl Jarvis, Dorothy Ogden, Robert ConMuralt, Shannon Cunningham, Effie West, Kate Roth, Gussie Liston, Belle Garden, Annie Stewart, Edna Liston, Joe Risdon, Frank Wilson, John Burns, Hartley Jarvis, George Darrah, Annie Darrah, teacher Mr. Schneider, Elsie Pope, Mary West, Anice West, Nannie Garden, Blanche Burns, Alma Burns, Hattie Fitzgerald, Josephine Liston, May Woods, Lula Welday, Lizzie Fitzgerald, Cora West, Tenna Fitzgerald, Ora Fitzgerald, Annie Tilton, Minnie Camahorn, Lucy Moore, La—Cusick, Mabel West, Flo Lyon, Nannie Ullom, Lillie Risdon, Nellie Stewart, Blanche Blakely, Alice Moore, Elizabeth Moore, Winnie Aiken, Fred Parker, Vince Risdon, Gib Davis, Howard Liston, Joe Conaway, Robert Liston, Joe Cot--, Albert Cusick, Elmer Garner, Ed Bateman, Harold Gl---, and Jim Conaway.