Knox Twp
Jefferson County, Ohio

As of 2008 the church is Wesleyan

The following was taken from the original Charter, Constitution, By-laws, and Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery Association of the United Presbyterian of Knoxville, Jefferson Co., Ohio. Richard Jacks of Toronto, Ohio donated these records to the chapter. We thank him for him generosity. This record was transcribed and typed by chapter member, Kitty Kutchmark. The following was typed exactly as it was written, with no attempts to make changes or corrections.

For the purpose of electing three persons to serve as trustees, and one person to serve as secretary, of said Association, passed February 24 A.D. 1848, entitled “An Act making provision for the incorporation of Cemetery Associations,” and amended March 9, 1866.

Recognizing the fact that it is appointed until all men once to die, and that their bodies must soon return to the earth, from whence they were taken, therefore, for the purpose of affording a suitable place for the interment of the mortal remains of ourselves, our families, friends and fellow beings, when called away by death, we, Thomas Swan, David Shelly, Cletas Bower, Jonathan Berry, John Williamson, William Boyles, Richard Chambers, Ebenezer White, David Warren, Andrew Warren, William Gladden, George B. Warren, Samuel P. Berry, and Thomas Warren, residents of Jefferson county, and State of Ohio, members of the United Presbyterian at Knoxville, in Knox township on the 18th day of October A.D. 1875, and agreed to organize ourselves into a Cemetery Association… to be incorporated… election held in Knoxville on the 15th day of November, A.D. 1875 at 2 o’clock…Organized by electing Richards Chambers Chairman, and Ebenezer White Secretary of the meeting…

Whereupon the meeting proceeded to counting the votes, it appeared that Daniel Shelly, Cleteas Bower, and George B. Warren were elected Trustees, and Cletas Bower was elected Secretary of said Cemetery Association.

Trustees, to sell and convey to any who wish to purchase, lots of ground situated, now set off as a place of sepulture…lots when sold, shall be used exclusively for the burial of the dead… Signed, Jonathan Berry, Chairman, Richard Chambers, Geo. B. Warren, Stated Secretary. Received December 29th, 1875, Recorded January 1st, 1876 in Jefferson county Record of Corporations, vol. No 1., on pages 150 and 151. J.M. Hunter, Recorder.