Book of Remembrance



Honeymoon photo taken July of 1917 on beach!

{The following is written exactly as it appears by in her scrapbook by Annette Trainer} “Tis said a child’s early life is such as those who rule over him make it; but they can only modify what he is. For as all know after their influence has ceased, the man himself has to deal with the effects of blood and breed and too, with the consequences of the mistakes of his elders in the way of education. I have often wished we could have the recorded truth of a child’s life as it seemed to him day by day, but this can never be. So herein are chronicled as memories for grown up days some of the earliest events in the life of Alma Trainer; to whom I hope the remembrance of these things will be pleasant by and by. Annette faithfully kept a book of remembrance for her daughter, Alma up until the day that Alma got married. Alma made her first and only entry in her childhood book of remembrance stating, “Having reached womanhood this day June second nineteen hundred and seventeen is my wedding day and these are our guests…” (She continues with a list of names of people invited to her wedding). Her wedding announcement reads, Mr. and Mrs. John Walter Trainer announce the marriage of their daughter, Alma to Mr. Walter Eagan on Saturday, June the second nineteen hundred and seventeen, Washington D.C.     Alma came from good stock. Her great-grandfather was an early pioneer, the Honorable John H. S. Trainer.  He was an attorney in the Steubenville law firm of Trainer. John H. S. was born in Lancaster PA, January 22, 1826 and died at Steubenville May 11, 1901. John came to Springfield Twp. Jefferson County with his parents when he was only ten years old. In 1845, John completed his schooling and was remembered as an efficient teacher in Harrison County, Ohio.  He then favored law and was admitted at the bar in Steubenville, April 7, 1848. He was then associated with leading men of the legal profession, including and up to November 1, 1868 such men as; Hon. George W. Mason, Robert Martin, J.F. Daton and Milton Taggart.  He joined with the Hon. John M. Cook until 1878 when Mr. Cook retired. He then became partners with James F. Bigger and continued until 1884. He finally joined with his son, John W. Trainer in a partnership. When he died in 1910, he was survived by a widow, a daughter and two sons- Mary C., who resides with her mother in the beautiful home which was situated at No. 627 North Fourth Street, Steubenville; William M., who was engaged in insurance and the real estate business, and John W. (Alma’s father) who was an assistant attorney in the Dept. of Justice, Washington, D.C. Alma grew up in Washington D.C.File Found at the Vivian Snyder Memorial Library

  • John Trainer- Born in Ireland & emigrated to America in 1818, died in Allen Co., IN. His occupation was Manufacturer. Religion- Presbyterian.
  • Esther Holmes- Wife of John Trainer- Born in Scotland, Prentage, Scotch Covenanters. Came to America in 1818, died in Allen Co, IN. April 1865. Religion- Presbyterian.
  • John H.S. Trainer- Husband of Esther A. Morrison (daughter of Andrew Morrison & Pamela Harris Morrison) was born Lancaster, PA on Jan. 22, 1823(6), died May 11, 1901 at Steubenville, Ohio.