Island Creek Twp
Jefferson County, Ohio

Presbyterianism in the Upper Ohio Valley

(Author, Andrew G. Slade, published 1976) – Title page - An authorized publication of the Presbytery of the Upper Ohio Valley in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the United States of American in 1976.

Toronto Presbyterian Church – On December 13, 1869 a meeting was held at the home of John McFadden, at which Andrew Robertson, Robert Clark, Noah Myers, John McFadden, and Rev. W.R. Vincent were present. It was decided to build a house of worship with the consent of the Island Creek Presbyterian Church. A building was erected on the Northeast corner of the Robert Clark farm. This building was dedicated October 30, 1870. The original church was called Memorial Chapel and in 1873 was changed to the Memorial Presbyterian Church. In 1893 it was incorporated under the name of the First Presbyterian Church of Toronto.  In 1887 it was desired to move the church. So it was put on rollers and moved. It was decided to build a new church in 1892. The church now numbered 260 members who were very active and aggressive. The new church was built in 1894. The church had three fires. First, when it was located on the Robert Clark property; Second, February 1895 after it had been moved on rollers; and third, on June 8, 1917 when it was struck by lightning. At this time the church was enlarged. The architect was Mr. James Metcalf of Toronto. A pipe organ was later donated and a complete set of Corillonic Bells were donated.

Rev. Vincent - 1870-1874
Rev. John Swan - 1874-1876
Rev. Fisher - 1876-1879
Rev. Parkinson                                    
Rev. J.H. Norris - 1891
Rev. Weir - 1892-1899
Rev. E.L. McIIvaine - 1899-1901
Lists continues through 1974