The following land description was submitted by Jane Pinkerton, Jan. 2010. Her email is

Book R page 334 has a deed made from Daniel Fetter to Thomas Dean, my ancestor, in 1836.  This land was originally purchased in about 1812 from Bezaleel Wells and his wife, Sally.  Sally was Sarah Griffith whose  sister, Lydia, was the wife of George Fetter. The original  deed is recorded in Book C.  The original purchase was by George Fetter for the benefit of Elizabeth Dean and after her death to Thomas Dean.  By 1836 Elizabeth was deceased and for the sum of one dollar the land was "sold" to Thomas Dean.  The legal description of  the parcel to quote the deed is "part of Section Number Thirty Six, in Township numbered Five, in Range Numbered Two in the Steubenville Land District, Situated in the County of Jefferson aforesaid.  Beginning at the Northwest Corner of said Section, and running thence with the Range Line South one degree East forty four perches to a stone, thence south sixty nine degrees east, Sixty perches to a post, then South fifty degrees East Sixty perches to a post,  thence South thirty degrees east fifty perches to a post, thence North forty six degrees East fifty five perches to a post thence, thence North forty degrees east one hundred and fifty perches to a post in the northern boundary line of said Section thence with said Section line South eighty nine degrees West two hundred and sixty three perches to the place of beginning.  Containing  one hundred and thirty one acres be the same more or less". Further, The Barrett Cemetery contains the remains of many of my Dean Ancestors and their relatives, one of whom was John Barrett.  Elizabeth Dean is interred as well as the wife, Margaret, of the above mentioned Thomas according to the Wells Cemetery web site in this cemetery.