Steubenville Twp
Jefferson County, Ohio

Presbyterianism in the Upper Ohio Valley

(Author, Andrew G. Slade, published 1976) – Title page - An authorized publication of the Presbytery of the Upper Ohio Valley in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the United States of American in 1976.

Old Third Presbyterian Church of Steubenville dissolved – The members and friends of the Old Third Church closed on May 28, 1972. This church stands today as the oldest and most historic congregation in the City of Steubenville. The building on 235 South Fourth Street was first called “The Old Presbyterian Church.” It was purchased and deeded to the congregation by Dr. Charles C. Beatty and Hetty E. Beatty, on August 14, 1873. This pioneer organization was established in 1800, given by Bezeleel Wells where upon a small brick edifice was built in the winter of 1803-1804. In 1828 a large building was built and enlarged in 1851. In 1869 they built a new building on another site three squares further north. In 1870, twenty-seven members requested that the Old Church at 235 South Fourth Street be retained as a place of worship for the needs of the people in the south end of town. Thus, the Old Presbyterian was organized.