Stanton Park Was Beautiful!

Stanton Park - In its Day!
Post card courtesy of Bob Heaton

Summer in Jefferson County of “Days Gone By.” (Steubenville Herald Star Aug 2, 1981 and April 27, 1980)  Reflections of the Heritage of Jefferson County is based on articles published in some of the earliest editions of the Herald Star Newspaper July 27, 1901…

Dehewahmis Park was the original name, which was given to the Steubenville Traction Company new pleasure resort at Alikanna, Jefferson County, Ohio. Not less than $75,000 is being expended to make for Steubenville the most beautiful Summer Park and greatest resort in the upper Ohio Valley.

Stanton Park (photo below) itself was one of nature’s own beautiful spots containing 85 acres of densely wooded hills and lowlands.  Through the center of the woods extended a cool shaded ravine winding in and out among the giant trees of the primeval forest.  Broad paths led from the lake across rustic bridges over babbling brooks past rookeries, caves and rugged cliffs up to a beautiful waterfall at the head of the ravine.  The beauty of the forest was carefully preserved.  Thousands of songbirds, beautiful wild flowers, banks of ferns and thickets of flowers and shrubbery were not disturbed.

Some of the attractions were listed as follows; refreshment booth with the first of its kind popcorn machine which turned out 30,000 hot corn fritters a day, a beautiful auditorium building of Dutch architecture, a Casino was located on the Observation Point, a grand ballroom 60x100 feet in diameter which commanded one of the most magnificent river views on the Upper Ohio. 

A merry-go-round building was the finest in the county and sheltered 1,000 people and was a monstrous affair.  It had large carved animals and chariots and three row wide seats.  The organ on the wheel was the only one of its kind in the United States.

There was a fine soda fountain with a counter 30 feet long. A shooting gallery was located a few feet away from the photograph gallery, and booths for movie picture machines, athletic machines, weighing machines, vending machines and souvenir booths were all close by.

In addition to all the attractions many outdoor amusements were featured for little folks.  During the winter an ice skating rink for all to enjoy and during the summer a beautiful swimming pool which was spring fed.  There were donkey rides to entertain with their antics.  The park provided many band concerts and free shows such as: aerial acts, dog, and pony circuses.  On July 4th, there were magnificent displays of fireworks. Patton’s original orchestra was engaged for the entire season.

The Toronto Electric Line of the Steubenville Traction and Light Company passed directly through the park.