The following information was taken from our chapter publication titled, Springfield Township School Ledger, 1839 – 1857, Jefferson County, Ohio. Purchasing information can be found on the homepage. The following information was written by Flora L. VerStraten. The following index is NOT A COMPLETE INDEX. If you are interested in the complete index and abstracted school ledger, go to the homepage to find purchasing information. This book will be available to purchase in a hard copy format and/or pdf file format.

This ledger was given to Flora L.VerStraten, in very poor condition. Within its pages are names of parents, guardians, hundreds of children, and in many cases their family connection to a parent or guardian can be established, especially if you have been unsuccessful in linking up children to their parents from previous records.

The pages can be useful and include genealogical information such as deed records, a map, school districts, and their locations. The map was included to help researchers to realize the fact that just because a township or county line then or now exists, it was not a deterrent to cross those imaginary lines and attend a school in a nearby county or township that was not their own.

When researching Jefferson County, one must be aware of the close proximity that Jefferson County shares to Carroll and Harrison Counties to the north and west. Also noting Belmont County to the south and Columbiana to the north.  These boundaries must be considered carefully when researching our county records.

Another consideration is the location of the Ohio River and the State of Virginia (now West Virginia).  Many times in the earlier courthouse records, I have personally found my ancestor across the river in what is now Brooke County (then Ohio County) or visa-versa. Other times I found my ancestors that lived in Brooke or Hancock (then part of Ohio County, Virginia), West Virginia coming across the Ohio River to the Jefferson County courthouse and even as far as Harrison, Columbiana and Belmont County to conduct business. This was not unusual and often occurred!

A preface statement at the front of this publication says, “there are so few records that have been recorded for the northern part of Jefferson County, that this book is a treasure of genealogical information.” Noting that District 4 and also 6 contain names of families from Loudon Twp. in Carroll Co. District 6 contains names from families living in Ross Twp., Jefferson County, Ohio.

The earliest deed records from Deed Book L, pages 417 & 418 show, John Hagaman to John Algeo, Wilson & Wm. Knox. Then John Hagaman and wife Mary to John Algeo, George Wilson and William Knox, listed as directors of School District No. 3, Springfield Twp. for the sum of two dollars, dated 6 September, 1828, section 23, twp. 11, range 4, on the east side of the road that joins the land of John Hagaman and Jesse Fast for the building of a school. By 1871 the school is listed as District No. 7.

The following list is NOT a complete index to the school ledger publication. Several surnames aren’t included along with variant surname spellings. For purchasing information, which includes a full index, and the complete school ledger listings, see the last page of this newsletter.

The following list is NOT complete but is an example of some of the surnames found from the original school ledger. NOTE - The “Mc” surnames are listed at the end.

Abel Albaugh Algeo Alison Allen Allensworth Allman Anderson
Andrew Aughey Baker Barcus Bargar Barnhouse Bascum Bashford
Beabout Beard Beatty Beltz Berry Birchfield Bish Blackledge
Blazer Blithe Boharte Boid Boile Bolderson Bosley Bower
Boyd Boyle Breardson Brooks Bruce Browning Brownen Bruget
Bugher Burget Burk Butcher Buyher Cain Calhon Call
Calver Cammel Camp Campbell Canaga Cane Carey Carlisle
Carrens Carson Carter Cartrael Casey Cassel Casy Caughey
Cavy Champer Chapman Christ Clarke Clayton Clinton Coalman
Coil Cole Coleman Coon Coss Crab Craton Crawford
Criss Croben Cross Culver Cury Cust Custard Daly
Daniels Daugherty Davidson Davis Deets Denning Dennis Dolly
Dorns Dorrance Doward Drake Dray Dudgeon Duke Elleson
Elliot Ernest Ershine Fast Fish Fitchpatrick Forster Fulter
Fulton George Gladden Goodlin Gordon Grabel Graber Grable
Grade Grafton Grant Greaden Grecy Griffith Grimes Groves
Hales Hagaman Hagerman Halk Harmon Hamilton Hammond Harris
Hawk Hays Hess Holland Homes Hoobler Horn Hughs
Hunter Isanaugle Jackson Jarvis Jasper Jenkins Johnson Johnston
Kainey Kane Karr Kean Kelley Kenor Kerr Kilebreath
Kilgore Killbreth Kirk Kirkpatrick Knox Lachey Lacy Larbaugh
Laffin Lawnley Lawrence Lee Legget Lesley Lindsury Long
Lucas Lutten Miller Milleron Minor Miser Mollar Morrison
Morrow Mortin Muchelderry Mull Myers Naylor NcConaughey Nelson
Newton Newsome Nichols Numyard Nixon Oldswarts Orr Orwick
Palmer Parr Patterson Pence Pennick Phillips Poland Pool
Potts Prester Publend Rabbit Rankin Raynolds Reddinghouse Reddlemiser
Rice Richey Rickey Riddemoser Riddle Riddenhouse Rikeman Riley
Ritlege Rittenhouse Robbins Roling Ryan Rutledge Sacalott Sailor
Sanders Saltsman Sanders Sarbaugh Savage Scarlott Scott Searlot
Ships Shepherd Simmons Sluts Slyvan Smith Smyth Speedy
Spence Sperrin Springer Starn Steffy Stephenson Steward Stewart
Stollar Stone Stricker Swaney Swany Swangle Sweany Sweeney
Sylivan Taylor Thomas Thompson Thraster Tilford Torrence Trainer
Trane Twaddle Vanhorn Waggoner Walker Wallace Walt Walters
Walton Warner Watson Watt West Weaver Westley Weston
Wilson Wiles Wient Wise Wolf Woods Worner Wright
Wiles Yong Young Zollars McClurg Mc’Horkel  McBruce McClaskey
McClave McConaughey McCorkhill McCuen McCulaugh McCullough McDaniel McDonald
McDonnel McEldary McFarlan McElderry McGaveren McGee McGraven MeKee
McKelley McKeown McKleberry McKleson McMaster McTrainer McWilliam