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Smithfield Township


Adena History Smithfield Township History Piney Fork Homestead
Adena, Ohio Village Information Smithfield Business History Adena News

Smithfield Historical Society
P.O.Box 192
1313 Main St
Smithfield, Ohio 43948  

Contact Person
Martha/John Domenick

Smithfield area cemetery and genealogies can be located at the following website:
Smithfield Bethel Children's Home History

Churches & Cemeteries

St. Casmir Catholic Church Northern Cemetery Piney Fork Visit With Mother
Holmes Pioneer Cemetery Northern Cemetery Deeds - Book 1-5 (Excel) Piney Fork Deed
Holmes Church Quaker Church Cemetery Piney Fork Church and Cemetery History
Francis Private Cemetery Cemeteries of Jefferson Co, as read by Mary Sinclair (1862-1940) A Little Interesting Story About Piney Fork
Wheeler Church Cemetery Piney Fork Church Cemetery Piney Fork Work Day - May 2009
Adena Presbyterian Church Cemetery Piney Fork Cemetery - Epitaphs Northern Cemetery Mausoleum
Rehoboth Church Cemetery Northern Cemetery Burial Plots St.Casimir Catholic Cemetery
Rehoboth Cemetery Graveside Service 2008 Smithfield United Presbyterian Church Rehoboth Methodist Protestant Church & Cemetery History & Updates
Graveside Speech for Jacob Clark    

Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions

Piney Fork Cemetery Tombstone Index Piney Fork Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions
Northern Cemetery Deeds 1 - Extracted from the original deeds. Typed by chapter member, Kitty Kutchmark March 2010. Northern Cemetery Deeds 2 - Deeds Purchased from 1900 on. Typed by Kitty Kutchmark March 2010.
Northern Cemetery Death Records - Kept by the Northern Cemetery Board and Sexton. Copied from the original ledger by Kitty Kutchmark March 2010. Piney Fork Cemetery Tombstone Verses
Rehoboth Cemetery (Excel)
Inscriptions read by chapter member, Tammy Hosenfeld
Submitted June 2013

Cemetery Tombstone Photos

Northern Cemetery Piney Fork Cemetery  

Google Earth Cemetery Images

Adena Presbyterian Church Cemetery Northern Cemetery Rehoboth Church Cemetery
Francis Private Cemetery Piney Fork Church Cemetery St.Casimir Catholic Cemetery
Holmes Pioneer Cemetery Quaker Church Cemetery Wheeler Church Cemetery


Jefferson County Board of Education – 2023 Sunset Blvd., Steubenville, OH 43952. The county office has access to all students school records back to 1912 for Buckeye, Edison, and Indian Creek.
Jefferson County School Deeds Smithfield High School 1885 - 1972
Rehoboth School - 1931-1932 York School
Smithfield School Abt. 1914-1915 Parlett, Ohio, Bell School about 1925

Township Maps

S01T08R03-Tax Map - 204
S36T08R03-Tax Map - 163
S35T08R03-Tax Map - 169

S34T08R03-Tax Map - 176

S33T08R03-Tax Map - 187

S32T08R03-Tax Map - 193

S31T08R03-Tax Map - 507

S31T08R03-Tax Map - 506

S31T08R03-Tax Map - 199

S30T08R03-Tax Map - 164

S29T08R03-Tax Map - 170

S28T08R03-Tax Map - 177

S27T08R03-Tax Map - 188

S26T08R03-Tax Map - 194

S25T08R03-Tax Map - 200

S24T08R03-Tax Map - 165

S23T08R03-Tax Map - 171

S22T08R03-Tax Map - 181
S22T08R03-Tax Map - 180

S22T08R03-Tax Map - 179

S22T08R03-Tax Map - 178

S21T08R03-Tax Map - 189

S20T08R03-Tax Map - 195

S19T08R03-Tax Map - 201

S18T08R03-Tax Map - 166

S17T08R03-Tax Map - 172
S16T08R03-Tax Map - 182
S15T08R03-Tax Map - 190

S14T08R03-Tax Map - 196

S13T08R03-Tax Map - 202

S12T08R03-Tax Map - 167

S11T08R03-Tax Map - 504

S11T08R03-Tax Map - 174

S11T08R03-Tax Map - 173
S10T08R03-Tax Map - 184
S10T08R03-Tax Map - 183
S09T08R03-Tax Map - 191

S08T08R03-Tax Map - 197

S07T08R03-Tax Map - 203

S06T08R03-Tax Map - 168

S05T08R03-Tax SM Map - 175

S05T08R03-Tax Map - 505

S05T08R03-Tax Map - 503

S05T08R03-Tax Map - 175
S04T08R03-Tax Map - 186
S04T08R03-Tax Map - 185

S03T08R03-Tax Map - 192

S02T08R03-Tax Map - 198

S01T08R03-Tax Map - 508

Smithfield Twp



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