Submitted by Junita Lowe of 3019 Pindo Plam Pl., Ellenton, FL, 34222 winter 2006. 

Margaret Alice Seevers Rouse was Juanita’s grandmother. The others pictured in the photos were her aunts and uncles. The Sapp Farm was located up on Croxton’s Run, Toronto, Jefferson County, Ohio. L to R - Mary Jane, Clara, Anna Belle Seevers [sisters, pictured below].

Annabelle Shrieves Seevers & Daniel Jermiah Seevers & children. L to R: Mary Jane Seevers Walker, Rose Seevers, Bayless, Boughie, Criss, Franklin Pierce Seevers, Clara Seevers Sapp, James Seevers, Margaret Alice Seevers Rouse, Forrest Seevers, Anna Belle Seevers Byers, Sciance, Patterson, & Douds. {The two children pictured may be Gerald K & Donald E. Walker.

Photo taken between 1926-1929 - Sapp Farm

Allied surnames: Seevers, Rouse, Walker, Bray,  Sapp,  Criss, Moreland, Jenkins, Wellington