The Scarlott Family Bible

This family Bible is in the possession of Jean Moore Scarlott of Carrolton, Ohio. She saw the Bible at a garage sale for $175.00. The story isnít that simple however! When she saw the bible she couldnít purchase it at the time. Ten years later it was spotted at a garage sale and purchased for her at just $10.00. Published by J. Emory & B. Waugh, M.E. Church. The following bible entries are listed by page sequence:

George Scarlott Sr., book four dollars R.

George Scarlott - Nancy Sluts Feb 17, 1820. Robert G Scarlott - Katie Carson Sep 6, 1883.


Katherine Scarlott Dec 12th 1821
Mary Scarlott May the 8th 1822
Harriet Scarlott Oct 30th 1823
Elizabeth Scarlott April 21 1825
John Scarlott December 5th 1827
Nancy Scarlott May 19th 1830
Rebecka Scarlott Jan 9th, 1832
Marget Aug 29th, 1835
Jane Scarlott Mar 31, 1837


(Children of John, 5th s/o George Scarlott)
Wesly Scarlott April 23, 1840
William W Scarlott May the 27, 1858
Robert G. Scarlott May the 31 1860
Phebe Jane Scarlott December the 16, 1861
Margaret A Scarlott August 2, 1863
Lucy Ellen Scarlott September 17, 1865
John Conner Scarlott October the 24, 1867