Sapp Family History - Knox Township

{Written by, Joseph Mills Sapp, age 83, in 1976}

I was born September 13, 1893, at the old Sapp homestead, my life long home, which my parents, John R. and Sanepta A. Sapp bought in the early ‘80’s from Lewis Wilson.

School took up with Bible reading and prayer at 9 a.m. with a 15 minute recess at 10:30 then an hour at noon till 1 p.m. recess again at 2:30, and out at 4 p.m. We always ran home at noon for our dinners and took the mail, and usually had some quick chores to do, then hurried back and had time to play some before the bell rang for classes. We had a big pot bellied iron stove in the center of the room for coal heating and pupils used slates and slate pencils and black boards for arithmetic classes, and line up on the floor for reciting a reading or spelling lesson. Then there was the water bucket shelf in one corner, with water bucket and dipper. We got the water from the Issac Willis dug well across the street and drew the water with a windlass and a bucket. Two boys always got to go for a bucket of water.

The Anson Sapp Family – L to R: Anson Jr., Anson, Mary, Clara and Martha.  Note – The of  Anson Bray Sapp, Sr.{which was located on JFK highway}was the farm of the Sapp family for over 100 years. The house was later sold to Robert Snyder. It was an old log house.