Donated by: Dottie Linard Haggard
April 16, 2014

I believe that I could prove for the First Families.  My mother was a Shannon.

Dorothy Jean Linard 1940- ? + George W Haggard>
Evelyn Rose Shannon 1909-1988 + Chauncey Cooper Linard>
Aaron Ramsay Shannon 1881-1977 + Emma Frederica Sailer>
John William Shannon 1842-1896 + Elizabeth Ramsay>
John Shannon 1812-1850 + Mary Sharpless>
John Shannon 1783-1855 +Hannah Rabe and his brother, Thomas Shannon 1789 +Mary Polly Blair>
?John Shannon 1751-1814 + Agnes Dennison/Denison/Denniston>
?Samuel Shannon abt 1718-1787 and Ann LNU

Our family connects to Mariam Tilton (d/o Joseph Tilton 1766-1860 + Mary Hardesty) + Jefferson Downing Stringer. Their son, Joseph Hazlette married Mary Ann Shannon (d/o Thomas Shannon and Mary Polly Blair).  Mariam’s sister, Tabitha, + George Wilson Stringer.  Joseph Tilton 1766-1860 was s/o John Tilton 1738-1810 + Susannah Jones 1750-1838

We are also connected to the following families of Jefferson Co:
Bigger- Samuel + Mary Shannon d/o John and Agnes
Craig John + Rebecca Hogg- their son Rowland + Susannah Rabe d/o John Rabe and Elizabeth Barkman and sister/o Hannah Rabe
Hanna Finley + Susannah Craig (d/o Rowland and Susannah)
?Haines/Haynes Mahlon Haines +Elizabeth Anne Morrison d/o Hugh Morrison + Mary Ann Shannon d/o John Shannon + Hannah Rabe
McCune Joseph Brady McCune + Mary Shannon c/o John Shannon + Agnes Dennison
McKim George McKim + Mulvina Shannon d/o Thomas Shannon + Mary Polly Blair
Morrison- through Shannon and Haines line mentioned above
Naylor William Worrall Naylor (s/o James Naylor and Lydia Worrall) + Anna Shannon d/o John Shannon (s/o John Shannon +Hannah Rabe) + Mary Sharpless
Osbon through the George and Wilson Shannon family, the Craig family and the Ross family
Stringer Joseph Hazlette (s/o Jefferson Downing Stringer) + Mary Anna Shannon d/o Thomas Shannon + Mary Polly Blair

I have yet to validate the John and Agnes and the Samuel and Ann connection but there is a likely connect there. I tend to believe it to be correct based on a letter written in 1976 by Chester L Sterling who, I have found, was an avid researcher/genealogist.  His line up is as follows:

Chester L Sterling + Sarah Ione Ream>
Charles William Sterling + Mary Eliza Shannon>
Thomas Denison Shannon + Alicia Spencer Collins>
Thomas Shannon + Mary Polly Blair>
John Shannon + Agnes Dennison

I, as well as three other descendants my age who never knew of one another until recently, grew up being told that we were “cousins” of the Shannon family of Warren Twp Belmont Co (family included George the youngest member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and Wilson the first native born governor of OH and several others of note) but none of us has found documentation to prove that story.  If may be that we are “shirttail cousins”!  I can, however prove that we are connected BUT through a rather convoluted path-through marriages back and forth.

One of the facts I find interesting is that many of the early men (my ggg grandfather John, his brother Thomas and their forefathers) were merchants as were the Dennison’s of some sort; then attorneys and then grandpa who was a farmer and married into the Ramsay family which had lots of land (reportedly the majority of the land in York Belmont).   Grandpa was a wonderful man, but was not wealthy. 

Additionally on the other Shannon family side the story goes that George Shannon of Lewis and Clark fame met Meriwether Lewis in Pittsburg while working on the river, attending school and staying with an aunt whose family knew George Rogers Clark  and one of the Shannon’s was a supplier to George Rogers Clark’s army unit - so that person was a merchant!  Wish I could find/remember who told me that bit of info!  That wasn’t a Grandpa story- I do know that!  I also know that the George and Wilson Shannon line goes back to George Shannon who was a linen merchant in Ireland and brought his wife and son, George, to America abt 1770.  The mother died at sea and the father died at sea on a return business trip leaving young George with an Episcopal minister in  Wilmington DE.  It was this George who was the father of George and Wilson and  quite a few more.

Actually I just remember that another Shannon was a merchant!  Elizabeth A Morrison 1845-1905  owned a large department store in Washington DC!  She was d/o Hugh Morrison and Mary Ann Shannon.  Elizabeth m1 Mahlon Nathaniel Haines s/o John Austin Haines 1812-1854 + Fanny Smith 1814-1889. After Hugh died Elizabeth m2 William F Pack.  John Austin Haines was a merchant and Mahlon N Haines (s/o Mahlon Nathaniel Haines + Elizabeth Ann Shannon Morrison) was a merchant “The Shoe Wizard” who had 40 shoe store in PA and MD.  In 1948 he built a SHOE HOUSE in Hellam PA.  These is an interesting story about his “house” and this flamboyant salesman.

Dottie Linard Haggard