{The following family history is exactly as it appears and is written in the large compilation sent to the editor by Mr. Charles V. Runyon. It includes the Runyon migration from New Jersey to Jefferson County.} The founder of the family in America was the French Huguenot, Vincent Rognon, Roygnon, DeRegnon, (Runyon). The Runyon family settled in Elizabeth Town, New Jersey. The first reference to Vincent is seen A.D. 1668 in a marriage license given by Philip Cateret, the young governor of New Jersey at Trenton. Vincent married Ann Boutcher {Bouchurri} when he was twenty-three and she was eighteen yr. old. She was a relative of Joan Boucher, or Joan of Arc. Some Runyon family members later went to Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Peter, son of Vincent was born in 1680. He had nine children; five boys perpetuated the family name, with Joseph carrying the present line. Joseph had four children who now carry the Philip line with Lewis who settled in Ohio. He had ten children of whom Philip (born 1819, died 1901) settled in Jefferson County, Ohio. He had eight children, with George (married Carrie McGhie) carrying the family line. It is interesting to note that the large Runyon family narrowed to George, who had two sons, Clifford and Riley, and one daughter, Hazel.

In Jefferson County, Ohio we find Lewis Runyon purchasing land from Elias Pegg, 29 Aug. 1808 in Section 28, Twp., 5, (Wells), Range 2, 90 acres, 30 perches for $315. This is recorded in deed book B, pg. 530 and again in 8 Sept. 1809 another 59 acres, 18 ½ perches from Elias and Elizabeth Pegg, same location for $290. Witnesses to first deed were Jesse Martin and James Barkus. Jesse and Jacob Martin witnessed the second deed. Elias Pegg had purchased this land from the Steubenville Federal Land Office in 7 Jan. 1802. He later removed to Franklin Co. near Columbus Ohio and died there around 1850. Other lands transactions show Lewis Runyon selling to Hugh Mehollin 7 Aug. 1812, 11 acres, 1 rod, 36 perches for $30. In Warren Twp. also shows Rachel, Micajah and Peter Runyon in 1832.

In will book 4, pp. 50 through 55 Lewis Runyon’s will is written on the 14 Aug. 1841. This is the Lewis of Knox Twp. He names wife, Sally, and eldest son, Phillip, as executors and seven daughters as follows; Betsey Myers, Catharine Robertson, Louisa Runyon, Caroline Runyon, Lucy Runyon, Nancy Runyon, Mary Runyon. Minor children were; Lewis, Louisa, Caroline, Lucy, Nancy and Mary. His will was probated on 26 Aug. 1844.

Lewis Runyon’s wife, Sarah, youngest son, Jeremiah, and Joseph was executor when will was written 10 Feb. 1816. It was then probated 25 Jun 1816. Witnesses were; Jesse and Dunham Martin, Thos. Mehollin and other minor children.

A Peter Runyon shows up on the 1850 census in Warren Twp. as born in New Jersey about 1792 married to Nancy Morton (or Martin) who was born about 1794/97 in Virginia. Peter was listed as 58 yr. old, occupation, a farmer. His wife Nancy was listed as 56 yr. old, and children were listed as follows; Louis, 30 yr., Sarah, 28 yr., Isabell, 28 yr., Enoch M., (farmer) 22 yr., Joel D., 20 yr., David, 17 yr. In the 1820 census lists Peter Reunion (note spelling) in Warren Twp. with 3 males and 2 females. Also on the same census are listed Micaja Runion with 3 males and 2 females. Also listed is a Joseph Runion in Warren Twp. with 1 male, 3 females.

Peter Runyon bought land from Lewis Executo, Robert Sherrard, 54 acres = ¾ in Wells Twp. for $246.35 on 9 Apr. 1825. On the day before, 8 Apr. Peter sold to Benjamin Roberts land in Wells Twp. Peter’s executors sold 24 Jun. 1854 to Solomon Scamahorn, his farm of 181 acres in Section 19, Twp. 5, Range 2, for $613. His will was probated 27 Aug. 1850 and witnesses were as follows; Samuel Runyon and Hiram Taylor. Peter had sold his land to William Oliver in 1848 and to Thomas Mehollin in 1837. His father, Lewis had sold to Hugh Mehollin in 1812, also.

It is noted that at least twelve Runyon/Runyan men served in the Revolutionary War, one was a Quarter Master General of New Jersey. Also found were five Baptist Ministers, five Methodist Ministers, Presbyterian Ministers, and Roman Catholics.

The coat of arms given for the Rongnion family has three golden (honey) bees volant on an azure shield and the legend beneath “Mel Rigi” – To govern yourself sweetly. {Portions of this article was written by the following men; Phillip Runyon, and chapter member, Charles V. Runyon. Charles is searching for connections to Van Tilburgs and McGhie family lines from Jefferson County.}

{Note - Forrest Mitchell Runyon traced the Runyon ancestry back to early records in New Jersey. Marvin Shepherd did an extensive research on his various family lines as well.  His correspondence and notes that survived are in the library at the University of Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio. The outline from above is based on F. M. Runyon’s research notes. He could not trace his Runyon line back beyond Virginia.} If anyone would like a copy of the Runyon file, please contact chapter member, Charles V. Runyon at - 800 S 15th St. Apt. 1838, Sebring, OH 44672-2050.

{The following is a letter exactly as it was written to Mr. Charles V. Runyon from Marvin C. Shepherd. There is no date noted on the letter.} “I have Lewis, the son of Phillip Runyon, born circa 1784 in New Jersey, died circa 1844, Jefferson County, Ohio. He married Sarah Pangborn, who was born in New York City. The marriage date is 6 Feb. 1806, Union Presbyterian Church, New Jersey. Sarah died circa in Ohio. Lewis married Sarah about 4 years after his father Phillip died in 1802 Marvin references, the Virginia Brown book published Estate Settlements of Middlesex County, NY, being brand new.”

Charles V. Runyon attended and received a recognition award given to him on behalf of the Toronto Chamber during their annual banquet in May of 2008. Mr. Runyon was being recognized as a veteran that served his country in WWII. Note that he is wearing his Navy uniform.

(The following information was provided by Mark Runyon, son of Charles V.Runyon) Charles served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. He was honorably discharged on 14 September, 1946 at Minneapolis, Minnesota. His rank at the time of his discharge was that of Lieutenant. He enlisted on 16 September, 1942 and was commissioned on 17 March, 1944. He served aboard the USS Schuyler in the Pacific Theatre. He received the following ribbons: American Area, Asiatic Pacific, Victory Medal, and Japanese Occupation. He completed service school at Harvard University in communications. He served as a Communications Officer on the USS Schuyler. At the time of enlistment he was attending University of Akron, Ohio with a major in chemistry.