RICHARDSON & WEAVER and Many Allied Families

Date Submitted – March 23, 2017
John V. Richardson Jr., PhD
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"In triumphus, humilitas; in adversum, fides"

My RICHARDSON family tree, going back about eleven generations, includes more than 14,000 individuals in the following known families—on my paternal side, Smith, Humphrey, Weaver/Weber (Neunkirchen am Potzberg, Germany), Wallace (Ireland/Scotland), Bozman (London, England), Standiford, Taylor (Lichfield, Staffordshire, England), Kinge, as well as the related lines of Hughes (England), Stauffer (Bern, Switzerland), Stewart, Lewis, Plucker, Kempf (Germany), Stickler (Bern, Switzerland), Goodrich, Keller (Zurich, Switzerland), and Wohlschlager/ Wollenschlager (Germany) as well as on my maternal side Bankes/Benkis/ Benkus (Germany), Hickerson, Carman, Rickey, Cole/Kool (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Swartwout (from The Netherlands on the “De Bonte Koe” aka “Spotted Cow” in 1660), Decker/Dekker (The Netherlands), Kortreght (The Netherlands), Otsen (the Amsterdam printer of some fame), and Webber as well as related lines including Stoneburner/ Steinbrenner (Germany), Mercer (Kent, England) and Taylor (Chester, England), Kiesel (Germany), Price (England), Johnson (Upper Canada), Gray, Still, Taliaferro (Middlesex, England), Turner (Germany), and Kolb (Germany).

My analysis also suggests the following predominately Protestant religious beliefs: Anabaptist (Graf families), Baptist (Hickerson families), Church of Christ (Smith families), Church of England (Richardson families), Dutch Reformed (Cole, Swartout families), Lutheran (Bankes, Roberts, Stoneburner/Steinbrenner, Weber/Weaver families), Mennonite (Keller families), Methodist (Mercer, Richardson, and Smith families), Moravian (Kiesel, Stauffer families), Puritan (my progenitor Lawrence Richardson who immigrated into Virginia and then Maryland), Quaker aka Society of Friends (Babb, Hussey, Lewis, Mallonee, Mercer and Taylor families), Reformed Church (Stauffer and Strickler), and United Brethren (Humphrey families).

My recent (aka last six hundred years) family roots seem to point to Dutch (Bradt, Kool, Kortreght, Otsen, Swartwout, van Hamburg, Veldtman, Webber, and Westercamp), English (i.e., Bozman, Carman, Cope--one of my longest lines, but unproven--, Deane,Downes, Gill, Hall, Hughes, Humphrey, Mallonee, Smith, Taylor, and Underwood), Scotch (i.e., Humphrey, Stewart, and Wallace), Irish (Crawford and Wallace), Germanic (i.e., Barr, Beck, Gucker, Haupt, Hirzing, Kiesel, Landes, Pletcher, Schnell, Schweiss, Stellwagen, Steinbrenner/ Stoneburner, and Weber/Weaver), Swiss origins (i.e., Graf, Keller, Landes, Schmutz, Schnavely/Schnebele, Stauffer, Strickler, and Veitin) as well as Welsh (i.e., Bowen).  Genetically speaking, the R1b1a2 (R-M269) (note: 23andme saysR1b1b2a1a2d3) subclade would have originated in Central Asia/South Central Siberia; and yes, I am related to King Tutankhamen. While the mtDNA Haplogroup K (K2a6; CRS: 16224C, 16311C, 16362C, and 16519C and 73G, 146C, 152C, 263G, and 315.1C) would suggest the Alps, Ireland, or the United Kingdom on that side.  Furthermore, my K2a Haplogroup (meaning, my mother's mother's mother's mother's etc.) would mean distant origins of about 16,000 years ago in West Eurasia.  Yes, Ötzi is a distant “cousin.”
Perhaps my very distant cousin, Alexander McCall Smith said it best: I am “of very obscure origins from some dim and undistinguished town in a potato-growing area somewhere.”