Located at the Jefferson County Courthouse, Steubenville, Ohio 43952
Addenda Lists - Unknown Burials in Jefferson County, Ohio
Note - Spellings are exactly as listed in the map

  1. Janus Barcus
  2. Bryan Thomas
  3. John Carpenter (believed to have been buried elsewhere)
  4. Joseph Chambers
  5. John Clancy
  6. Benjamin Clark
  7. Jacob Clark
  8. Ezekiel Cole*
  9. David Crawford
  10. John Davis*
  11. Thomas Eddington*
  12. William Elkins
  13. George Evans
  14. John Evans
  15. Absolem Folkner
  16. John Fry
  17. James Glenn
  18. Barnardus Gordon
  19. Edward Greenelsh
  20. Jonas Grove
  21. John Gray
  22. John Humphrey*
  23. Richard Jackson
  24. Richard Jackson
  25. William McComas
  26. John McElray
  27. William McElroy
  28. John McGuire
  29. Thomas Minor*
  30. Abraham Moore
  31. Elijah Moore
  32. John McDonnell
  33. John McDowell
  34. Isaac Meek (Mt. Pleasant Cemetery)
  35. Hugh Pennell
  36. Jacob Ripley
  37. William Roach
  38. Thomas Rouse*
  39. William Sharon
  40. Nathan Shaw*
  41. Christian Shrouse
  42. John Spiller*
  43. William Starr/Locke*
  44. John Spiller
  45. David Vance
  46. Joseph Willis

SAR updates - Our chapter, working a long with the Sons of the American Revolution {SAR}, Ebenezer Zane Chapter are slowly locating some of the burial locations for these veterans, listed above.

Note - many of the veteran's were buried on their family farms. With extensive deed searches, we can sometimes located the land these veteran's obtained as part of their payment for fighting in the American Revolution. In many cases, the veteran was buried on his own land, or a neighboring family farm. These rural areas have been heavily mined and logged down through. No trace remains for most of these rural pioneer family cemetery. Even the old timers that have given testimonials of spotting ancient gravestones in the wooded area have now given up on locating these tombstones.

When a veteran is proved to have lived and died in Jefferson County, all attempts are made to locate his exact burial site. When the site is gone or has been destroyed, maybe by local mining or logging projects, our chapter and/or the local SAR strive to have a bronze marker placed in the nearest cemetery as a memorial to that patriot and his descendants. The markers are installed in the township and nearest the area the veteran may have been buried.

If you know of a Revolutionary Veteran that may have died or may be buried in Jefferson County and can help identify any records that may assist in proving his death and/or burial, please contact Flora L. VerStaten at fverstraten@dishmail.net. Our chapter is striving to keep this list as accurate and updated as possible.