Sons of the American Revolution - List of Patriots buried in Jefferson County, Ohio

Jefferson County, OH Revolutionary War Veterans Index
Jefferson County, OH Revolutionary War Veterans Book

Note - This information was printed in a publication by The Sons of the American Revolution, Ebenezer Zane Chapter, St. Clairsville, Ohio. This book is now out of print. The SAR gave our chapter permission to post this information, extracting from the SAR book data that only pertains to Jefferson County Revolutionary Veterans.

Our chapter would like to sincerely thank the SAR for their willingness to work with our chapter and share their data for researcher's to locate their patriot ancestors.

Thanks to chapter member, Carolyn Walker who extracted the following data from the SAR Patriot Book, Jefferson County, Ohio. This was tedious work and we appreciate the time it took to complete this project.

A special thank you to George Livingston and all the time he put in our behalf to share this information.

American Revolutionary Veterans Grave Registration Card Index

Different sources than above!

A special THANKS to Bob and Sandra Maffit for the many hours spent compiling and typing this data from the photocopied card index to a spreadsheet.

This a complete list of the Grave Registration Card Index for Revolutionary War Veterans buried in Jefferson County. These cards were photocopied by Flora L. VerStraten, Jeff Evans II and Cindy Rush from the Jefferson County Records Department, with permission in 2002.

No attempts have been made to change/correct the card index. The ONLY information inserted that is not found on the cards is you see [ ]. These cards were compiled and created in the 1930's. Several updates and changes have occurred over the years to these veteran gravesites. The following is just a short list of such occurrences:

  • Illegible or missing tombstones, since cards were compiled
  • Re-interments from one cemetery (usually small private cemetery) to another cemetery. Many times the tombstones were replaced or moved, from which time no attempts were made to re-inter remains, just the tombstone. Sometimes the old tombstones remained in the original cemetery and a NEW replacement marker/tombstones was installed elsewhere in another cemetery, leaving us to figure it out.
  • Installation or replacement with government bronze markers or marble grave tombstone.
  • Burial locations found and corrected error from grave registration card indexes
  • Cemeteries now gone due to logging/mining/farming/neglect

NOTE - thus, some markers/tombstones for these listed veterans have been installed and some errors exist on these cards. We make no attempt to claim that these cards are completely correct and without error but we due suggest that they can be helpful and lead you to various other genealogical records from the correct data included.

For a current listing of all veterans that have been located or a memorial marker has been installed for them by the local SAR, check our homepage for Revolutionary War Markers.

American Revolutionary Veterans Grave Registration Card Index - Index
American Revolutionary Veterans Grave Registration Card Index - Book

Revolutionary War Veterans Listed in Index of the WPA Map Book
Judy Bratten, Director of the Fort

Riley Family Massacre - Francis Riley, Revolutionary WarPatriot

Rehoboth Cemetery Graveside Service 2008†
D.W. Thompsonís Cemetery Journal, Salem Twp, Jefferson County, Ohio Veterans
Honoring Our Revolutionary War Patriots


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The Steubenville Herald Star article ran on Sunday, on the "LOCAL SECTION, front page and continued on the next page. Many times you can't see the photographs, but wethought you might enjoy reading the article about the event. Feel free to contact both newspapers and thank them for their coverage of this event. To view the article go to Sunday, May 25, Local Section

Ebenezer Zane Chapter, OHSSAR Honors Chapter President
Warren Twp. - Revolutionary Patriots Honored by Local SAR
A Soldier's Eyes
The Sons of the American Revolution Ebenezer Zane Chapter, OHSSAR
George Livingston, Historian

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Esprit de Corps: The common spirit existing in the members of a group. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) George Washington had Esprit de Corps. He inspired his soldiers by his leadership and action, not just words. His leadership inspired Esprit de Corps among his men. He led this country as our first President in the same manner. General Washington not only followed certain traditions but also by his actions started many. (Phillip H. Tarpley, President, Saramana Chapter, FLSSAR).

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Lossingís Field Book of the Revolution

List of Revolutionary Veteran Markers installed by the local SAR from 2001 to 2009. The list was submitted by SAR member,  George Livingston Aug 20, 2014,