Smithfield Township
Jefferson County, Ohio

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Category: Ohio physical, cultural and historic features; Feature Name: Rehoboth Cemetery, Type: Cultural, Class: Cemetery, County: Jefferson, FID: 1044931, Coordinates: Latitude 40.2336804 and Longitude -80.8592551.

Rehoboth Church Cemetery - The first time I saw this cemetery was when John Borkowski took me to the location the summer of 2004. It is located just about 1.5 miles outside of Adena off county road 10 on Smithfield Twp. Rd. 130. Mrs. Sutherland lives one mile down the road from the cemetery and informed me that the cemetery had been vandalized 12-15 years ago and no one had made repairs to the toppled tombstones that lay throughout the cemetery. Many of the stones are in poor condition, broken or illegible. Many burials where no markers or stones exist will pose a special challenge for Tammy and Terry Hosenfeld,. To date, no records or maps can be located which would prove helpful since there are unmarked graves there as well. Tammy and Terry Hosenfeld and their family will continue to work in this cemetery and read tombstone inscriptions and with time we are hoping to be able to make some repairs to the cemetery and it will be complete. Many people have come forward concerning unmarked graves and Tammy plans to have the cemetery completed soon. If you have any tombstone information concerning the Rehoboth or Holmes Cemetery, please contact Tammy at- (Report given by Flora L. VerStraten Jan. 2008)

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Photo's taken by Rena Goss
Volunteers cutting down large trees in the cemetery 2007

Rehoboth Cemetery Community Service Workers John Borkowski, center with chain saw 2007
Photo taken by Rena Goss

Rehoboth Cemetery, Smithfield Twp. 2007
Photo's taken by Rena Goss

John Borkowski cutting down large tree

Community Service worker

Rena Goss donated the following photo's taken of Rehoboth in September of 2007.

Following photo taken by Tammy Hosenfeld December 16, 2008