Many times records for the Presbyterian pioneer churches, including those in Jefferson County, were donated to the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Historical Society and some have been microfilmed by the LDS Church and can be accessed from the LDS web site at:

Presbyterian Historical Society

520 Witherspoon Building

Philadelphia, PA.

Presbyterian Archives:

     One of the oldest Presbyterian Churches in Jefferson County is the Two Ridge Church.  The following original records were loaned to the local history department of the Schiappa Library and copied.  The copies were then hardbound and include an every name index. The originals were returned intact to the church.

  1. Congregational meeting minutes 1885-1888
  2. Brief history of Two Ridges Presbyterian Church
  3. History of Two Ridges Church 1802-1902
  4. Church directory (photos) 1970
  5. Young peoples society of Christian endeavor 1911-1924 & church records 1931-1953
  6. Attendance records 1822-1850
  7. Church session records 1885-1888
  8. Church records 1913-1945
  9. Church baptism 1943-1979

*Note: Still to be processed are;

Church baptisms, marriages, deaths and membership rolls that contain the following:

  1. List of Pastors 1802-2002
  2. Adult baptisms 1981-1997
  3. Infant baptisms 1965-2000
  4. Marriages 1965-2001
  5. Deaths 1965-1998
  6. Chronological membership roll 1948-1999