Abraham Moore - Revolutionary Patriot
Freed Black Man

Article compiled by Kitty Kutchmark and Flora L. VerStraten
Revolutionary Pension file for Abraham Moore shows the following:

  • Listed as a Freed Black Man from Pennsylvania. Muster roll shows an Abraham Moore of Jefferson County in the State of Ohio who was a private in the company of Captain Fox of the Regiment commanded by Col. Giddes in the Pennsylvania for 8 months & 28 days. He states that he received $29 and 76 cents on the sixth day of March 1831. Certificate of pension filed the 11th of June 1823 and sent to J.P. Hoge, Steubenville, Ohio. Received of Mar 1833, $59.52 allowance ending 4 Sept. $14.88. Revolutionary Claim, June 7, 1832. Recorded by ---- Clerk, Book E, Vol. 8, page 119.

  • On May – 1833, personally appeared in open court, state of Ohio, Jefferson County…Abraham Moore, a freed man in the town of Steubenville…in 1751 he was with Augustus Moore in Fayette County, Pennsylvania and he was drafted in the militia…He went as a substitute for Augustus Moore in said state in company commanded by Captain George (or William) Fox…that he marched with the company to the town of Uniontown, and reached the Ohio River at the Mingo Bottom in Jefferson County where they was then a black -----from thence he marched…where they arrived at wapatamika, in said state of Ohio, in the month of ---- in 17—here the American troops attacked the Indians and defeated them and Indians not killed and wounded taken prisoners  and declarant was wounded by a ball through his arm and Capt. Fox was wounded…the company returned to Uniontown in July of 1781…went again from Uniontown rafting down the river Ohio at that place of Muskingum river, when they came upon Indians on this expedition. He returned to Uniontown in October and was discharged by his captain…the following year, 1782 the Indians committed some murders on the Short Creek, Virginia, and another company was made from the Pennsylvania militia to guard against the Indians and again entered service in substitute for Augustus Moore in the Pennsylvania Militia commanded by Capt. Sharp. This company marched from Uniontown rafted up the Ohio river, at the mouth of Short Creek and on to Stillwater Harrison County, Ohio and defeated a body of Indians…and then returned to Uniontown…spring of 1783, the said Augustus Moore was drafted again and this declaration again declarant as a subsitute…commanded by Cap. Jonathan Giddes…stationed near a place called Black --- at what is called Beach Bottom, in Brooke County, Virginia… then returned to Uniontown and discharged for his service…his documentary evidence of any kind to prove the foregoing by whom he served, he was born in the state of Maryland, as he states in the month of October 1738 though he had no word of his age…he resided in ----county, Pennsylvania till the year 1790, he is known to Bez. Wells and Joseph Jenkins of Steubenville of said county who will swear to his good character for truth and honesty and who will state their belief that he did serve in the Revolutionary War, as stated within and is not on the pension roll of any company in any state. Mark, Abraham Moore. Signed by Clerk, J.R. Wells.

  • Bezelel Wells and Joseph Jenkins of the town of Steubenville in said county of Jefferson as hereby certify that we are aquainted with Abraham Moore, he has subscribed and sworn to the declaration that he is ninety four years of age; that he is in the neighborhood where we reside, to be a soldier of the revolution and that we came to that opinion.

  • Statement showing service –
  1. Substitute in 1781 for two months as a private for Cap. Fox, Col. Giddes.
  2. Sub. Fall of 1781, Cap. Stewart, Col. Giddes, Fayette County, Pennsylvania.
  3. Sub. ---7, 1782, Cap. Sharp.
  4. Sub. ---9, 1783, Cap. Giddes Col. Gaddis.

Local History of Steubenville and Jefferson County reveals the following about Abraham Moore:

  • Abraham Moore resided in Wash. Co. PA after Rev. War til 1796 and then returned to Jefferson Co. From the book History of Steubenville and Jeff. Co. In the index was "ABE" Moore - page 366. I turned to it and at the bottom of the first column Eli McFeely is talking of coming to Steubenville....."Arriving in Steubenville from Pittsburgh by keelboat with my father and family on Saturday, October 22, 1814, after a pleasant voyage of seven days, we were met  by 'uncle' Abe Moore (colored) with his cart, who removed our household goods to the west end of Market Street.

Steubenville Township, Jefferson County, Ohio - Federal Census reveals the following about Abraham Moore: 

  •  In Steub. Twp - 1830 census Abraham Moore is on the very 1st page (1st page is #2) (next to last from bottom).Going to the 'b' page to get his listing for 'free colored persons' - they have  his name with the whites but marks under free colored.He is listed 55-100 yrs M19 - 134-2A&B There are others BUT hard to read. he may have died before 1840 because In Steub. Twp 1840 I find a "Hanna Moore" and this could have been  his wife -  (free colored person) listed as 55-100 yrs and 1 female listed 10-24. M704   405   65A clear on the right side of page under colored.