Thomas Minor
Revolutionary Patriot 

Compiled by Kitty Kutchmark, written by Flora L. VerStraten

 Revolutionary Pension File for Thomas Minor, Virginia service records as follows:

  • Muster Roll show Nancy Minor wife of Thomas Minor who a pensioner widow the Act of 1818 and who died on the 11 June 1834, of Jefferson County state of Ohio who a private in the company commanded by captain Russell of the regts. Commanded by Col. Scott in the Virginia for 1 year. In the roll of Wheeling at the state of $40 dollars on the 4th day of March 1836. Certificate pension filed 11th day of January 1840, Hon. H. Swearingen. March 1840 $160, allowance ending 4 Sep. 1840 $20. Total $180.00 Act July 7, 1838, Recorded by, D.M. Curdy, clerk, Book A, Vol., 2, Page 218.

  • Thomas Minor died in 1834. The Minors resided in Salem Twp.

  • Thomas Minor, who was a private for the term of 1775 one year, inscribed roll of Virginia, 4th of Sept. 1824, certificate of pension issued the 16 of Sept 1824, Steubenville, Ohio. March 1825 $48.22. Revolutionary Claim, acts March 18, 1818, and May 1, 1820.

  • Also found in pension file the following: Ann Jennings was married to Thos Minor March the 15th 1780. Daniel Jennings Minor was born June the 2, 1782, Rebekah Minor was born September 5th, 1784; Elisabeth Minor was born October 2, 1786; Robert Minor was born January 25th, 1789; Spence Minor was born November 23, 1791; Thos. Eskridge (spelling?) Minor was born May 16th, 1794; Peggy Minor was born December 25th, 1796; and Ann Minor was born October 15, 1761. Signed, Thomas Minor {and continues after signature} to list: John Minor was born September 6th, 1799, Thomas Jefferson Minor was born 16th day of December 1802; and departed this life February 6th, 1803; Ann Williamis Minor was born April the 9th, 1806; Margery Jennings Minor was born Nov. 29, 1809.

  • The file continues with Common Pleas records from Jefferson County, including wife’s name, Nancy and marriage 14th of March 1781. First court record was dated Aug 20, 1821.

  • Enlisted for one year entitled for service in November, seven hundred and seventy five in the State of Virginia in the company of Andrew Russell in the regiment commanded by Colonel Charles Scott, it being the 5th regiment of Virginia…continued to serve in the corps and in seven hundred and seventy seven was honorably discharged…and in eighteenth day of March AD one thousand eight hundred and eighteen swear engaged in land and naval service of the United States…I have not any person in trust for one property or security contracts or debts due to me nor have I any income than what is continued in the schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed… {He goes on to list his assets, including, one horse $25.00; Household Furniture consisting of a few plates and forks, cups and saucers, table and chairs, and an old kettle $12.00; one plough $3.00; one ax $2.00; two hoes $1.00; seven hogs $6.00; sixty four dollars.} My family consists of my wife aged sixty three years whose arm has been broken so as to render her unable even to spin. A daughter, Rebecca aged thirty eight years who works for herself. A daughter Margery aged twenty five years who works, a daughter Ann aged twelve years old – my occupation has been that of a farmer but I am now unable to work but little and not able to support myself. Signed Thomas MinorJohn Patterson, Clerk of Courts Common Pleas…dated 28th day of September AD 1821. Thomas Minor, Col. Scott’s Virginia, Nov. 1775, 1 yr. Aug 1828, Jefferson.

  • Common Pleas Record, Jefferson County, dated one thousand eight hundred and forty, personally appeared, Anne, before me John S. Cock…Salem Twp. sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain in the benefits of the jurisdiction made by the act of congress passed July 4th, 1836. That she is the widow of Thomas Minor. …she was married to Thomas Minor, on or about fourteenth of March, Seventeen hundred and eighty one; that her husband died on the eleventh day of June in the year [18] thirty four and that she has remained a widow since that period. Signed, [mark] Nancy Minor.