HENRY STAFFORD McFADDEN, father of Mr. McFadden and uncle of Mr. Hunter of the Gazette, after a painful illness died at his home in Cadiz, July 4, 1888, at 10:30 a.m., aged seventy-five years….Mr. McFadden was born at Coots Hill, County Caven, in Ireland in 1813, the son of Samuel and Lydia McFadden, while a mere lad…he was brought to America by his father who settled in Philadelphia. When about seventeen years of age, with his father’s family, he came to Ohio, locating in Cadiz, where the father founded the McFadden dry goods and general store which was for fifty years, one of the largest concerns in Eastern Ohio. At the death of the father in 1861, the business was continued by the subject of this sketch up to 1875 or shortly after his son and partner, J.J. McFadden, came to Steubenville as one of the editors of this paper…(H.S. McFadden was of a family noted for longevity. Three of his sisters celebrated their golden weddings: the late Mrs. W. L. Sharp of this city, Mrs. Joseph R. Hunter of Cadiz, and Mrs. Samuel Craig of Cambridge, the latter surviving him. His father’s mother, whose maiden name was Isabelle MacIntosh, and whose ancestry is traced back to the Twelfth century, was ninety-six years of age at her death. But of his immediate family only two remain: Mrs. Jane Johnson of Marion, O. and Mrs. Samuel Craig of Cambridge. His only brother, George McFadden…died in Philadelphia…He was married (Dec. 6, 1842) to Frances (Isabella) Poore, daughter of Charles N. and Elizabeth (Carg) Poore, a native of York County, Pa., where she resided at the time of her father’s death in 1831, the widow subsequently removing with her family to McConnellsville, Ohio where the marriage took place…The widow with seven children survive him: Miss Lizzie T., at home: Henry Hunter McFadden of the Gazette; Fannie, wife of Major J.J. Hanna, an attorney of Kansas City; John F. McFadden, an attorney at low of Columbus; Isabelle, wife of Charles W. Kinsey, of Oakland, Cal.; and George McFadden, merchant of Fresno Flats, California. The only break heretofore in the family being the death of Charles Poore, the oldest child, Oct. 7, 1866, aged about 23 years.


Henry Hunter McFadden, of the firm of McFadden & Hunter, editors and proprietors of the Steubenville Daily and Weekly Gazette, was born at Cadiz, Harrison county, Ohio, August 13, 1848, the second son of Henry Stafford McFadden and Frances Isabella (Poore) McFadden. His father, H. S. McFadden, was born at Cootehill, county Cavan, Ireland, in 1813. He was the son 0f Samuel and Lydia (Stafford) McFadden, and grandson of George and Isabella (McIntosh) McFadden. In 1820, Samuel and Lydia, with their family, came to America, and settled at Philadelphia, removing in 1831 to Cadiz, where, with his son, Henry, he opened a general store. Samuel McFadden died in 1861, but the business, which had grown to extensive proportions, was continued by Henry until 1875, when he retired. For years this house was the heaviest wool-buying and pork packing establishment in the county besides always taking the lead in general merchandise. The name of McFadden, through his high sense of commercial honor, became a synonym for integrity and trustworthiness. From the start of the Harrison branch of the Ohio state bank, H. S. McFadden was one of its strongest backers, and for years he was a director, retaining that position until the bank was reorganized under the national banking act in 1864. Of this institution, whose phenomenal prosperity has become familiar, he was director until his death, July 4, 1888, and for a long period vice president. Henry S. McFadden was a man of remarkable intelligence and wide reading, although his early education was of the simplest description, his business ability was unquestioned, his integrity was unspotted, and, as a Christian gentleman, he led a blameless life. On December 6, 1842, he was married to Frances Isabella, daughter of Charles M. and Elizabeth (Carg) Poore. She came with her mother from her native county of York, Penn., where her father died in 1831, to McConnellsville, Ohio, where she was married. She was the ninth of eleven children of her parents, and was born December 29, 1820. She is now


residing at Cadiz. Her father, son of John and Sarah (Folsom) Poore, was born July 14, 1782, at Greenland, Rockingham county N. H., and was brought by his parents to Pennsylvania about 1785. He was a descendant (H. H. McFadden being in the eighth generation) of John Poore, who emigrated from Wiltshire, England, in 1635, and settled at Newbury, Mass. Henry Hunter McFadden received a common school education at Cadiz, and then took a commercial course in the Quaker City college, Penn. In 1864 he began clerking in his father's store at Cadiz, being then sixteen years old, and two years later he was admitted to a partnership. This he retained until 1875, the business done by the house during that period being the largest in the history of the county. In 1875 he left mercantile pursuits, and in partnership with his cousin, W. H. Hunter, purchased the Steubenville Gazette, which they have conducted since as j0int editors and proprietors. In this pursuit he has achieved distinction as a writer and business manager, and he has contributed in no small degree to the enviable position which the Gazette holds in Ohio journalism. Though his life has been principally devoted to business, he has given considerable time to politics, being a democrat from conviction, and a friend of that party through good and evil report. In 1887 he was the party's candidate for representative. Since 1887 he has been a member 'of the board of state charities. Mr. McFadden was married January 13, 1872, to Sarah O., daughter of John and Mary (Osborn) Craig, of Washington, Guernsey county, Ohio, who died September 7th of the same year. February 16, 1876, he was married to Emma Annette, daughter of John and Agnes (Vincent) Beall, of Cadiz, Ohio, and they have two bright boys, Charles Paul, born December 2, 1876, and Henry Earle, born March 16, 1882.

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