SUGAR GROVE AREA – {Taken from The William Maple and Related Families of Jefferson County, Ohio by, Fay Vance Morrison who prepared the following for a family reunion at Austin Lake, August 7, 1993.} The Maple family is of French origin. The earliest ancestor to come to America was an exiled Huguenot who finally settled in Middlesex County, New Jersey, near Princeton, in colonial days. They were followers of John Calvin, as were the Presbyterians. The country surrounding Princeton was known as Mapelton. (Source: Biography and Portraits of Monongalia Co., W.Va. pg. 177. Note: Monongalia Co. which split up and became part of PA and WV) The first deeds in New Jersey found the name to be spelled Shake-maple. Maple families were known to have scattered from France to Holland and to the British Isles during the Reformation. Over time different spellings have been used, such as, Mapel, Maples, Maypole, and Mahpel.

William Maple (Revolutionary Patriot) was born in Middlesex County about 1738 and lived there during the Revolution. He would have been about 38 when he served as a teamster or wagonmaster in the Battle of Trenton, considered one of Washington’s greatest victories.

When William Maple arrived in the Northwest Territory near the area between Empire and Stratton, he was in his late 50’s and he must have been tough. He had a new wife, Anny Moore. His first wife was Kiziah Larrison, deceased, reportedly a descendant of a Danish nobleman. Their children, as listed in the old family Bible were; Abigail, William, Dolley, George, Sarah, Ann, Clarissa, Benjamin, and Kiziah. (Note: A Kiziah Maple married a George Culp.)

We can only imagine the life of that family, the first settlers, to clear land, build, and provide food by hunting. They may have had a friend in Mr. Vantilburg, for he, too, was from the same area in New Jersey. (Note: In Washington DAR Library notes that Henry Vantilburg was a cousin to Kiziah Larrison, Wm.’s first wife.)

When Wm. Maple Sr. died his son, George was named administrator of his estate. In the history of Doyle he states the following, "Wm. Sr. was buried on the hill above Port Homer on the Patrick Haley place. He died Aug. 13, 1813, age about 75 yr."

It was recorded in the old family Bible (Source: Application to DAR of Dorothy Maple Wagner of Seattle, file # 50499) that Anny Moore gave birth to Jacob, May 1, 1798, Elizabeth, Rachel, 1806, and Mariah.

Wm. Maple’s son, Benjamin, was a Captain in the War of 1812. (More of Benjamin to come in future newsletter article, living in Ross Twp.)

In the Early Marriages of Jefferson County, Ohio 1789 – 1838 lists 36 Maple marriages. Can you imagine how many Maples there were in Ohio alone?

Wm. Maple’s son George was born July 11, 1799 and died in 1863. He married Sarah Bekman (sometimes recorded as Peckham) who was born July 4, 1799 and died in 1818. (The author notes two questions: Where are they buried? Possible in the Osage area?)

George Maple’s son was Elias Maple. He was born about 1822 in Ohio and married Margaret Groves September 10, 1848. Margaret was born in 1815 and died in 1886 in Knox Twp. This couple is the parents of Mary Jane (Jennie) Maple Lawrence (as listed on her Ohio Death Certificate). Her death certificate shows that she was born October 10, 1847 and date she died is listed as January 14, 1931. She is buried in the New Somerset Christian Church cemetery. The U.S. Federal Census confirms her birth year and that of her twin brother, William.

NEW SOMERSET AREA – Mary Jane Maple and John P. Lawrence were married Feb. 17, 1870. John was born October 17, 1847 at New Somerset and lived there all his life. He died there July 14, 1927 at the age of 80 yr. He followed the trade of blacksmith and the couple was members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). New Somerset had a log schoolhouse, which served until 1840 when it was sold to the highest bidder for 75 cents. James Baxter made the highest bid and he reconstructed the logs into a chicken house. In 1840 a new frame building was built, which served its purpose for nearly 40 years. When it had outlived its usefulness and was auctioned off to John P. Lawrence who moved it to the lot at the corner of Steubenville and Union Streets and converted it into a blacksmith shop. It was sold by the school board for $16.00 (Source: Dr. Shillings Historical Notes of Knox Township. More is written in his notes about the schoolhouse.)

John P and Mary Jane Maple Lawrence had two children; George and Margaret C. Margaret were born March 7, 1871 in New Somerset. Margaret died at the home of Clifford & Lelia Van Dyke. They were living in the old Sugar Grove schoolhouse (neighboring home of brick next to cemetery) converted to a very livable home by son, Elmer L. (Pete) VanDyke. Margaret died on May 18, 1956.

George, son of John P and Mary Jane Maple Lawrence always lived in New Somerset. He married Maggie Parsons. They spent many hours in their garden, where they grew most of their vegetables, fruit trees and berry bushes.

EMPIRE – Elmer H. Van Dyke lived in Empire. He operated the big livery stable where horses and buggies and surreys with fringe on top were rented out and furnished transportation all over the area. Upstairs over the livery stable he operated a roller skating rink remembered well by those of the Cora, Jim, Charley, and Harry era. The writer, Fay Vance Morrison, notes hours that her parents, Jennie Van Dyke and James Vance would spend skating. They were both proficient on roller skates and at least her father was a very good ice skater. In those days the Ohio River froze over in the winter.

There were floods (Jun 1901) and many can recall the ruined hardwood floor of the old skating rink and the large grand piano that played the music for the skaters. It would clink if anyone pounded its keys hard enough, after the flood. The flood of 1936 washed away all evidence of the blacksmith shop, the livery stable and the old house where Uncle Tick and Lelia Van Dyke lived. Many houses, outhouses and sheds in town were washed away. (End of Fay Vance Morrison’s writings for the reunion.)

Burials of Maples in Jefferson Co, Ohio
From the LDS death certificates

HELEN MAPLE   B  26 Oct 1911  -  D  08 Dec 1935
Burial - Mooretown

SAMUEL S. MAPLE   B  20 Sep 1867  -  D 27 May 1944
Burial - Steubenville

SALLY BERNADETTE (Walter) MAPLE   B  29 Mar 1944   -   D  12 Apr 1944
Burial - Salineville

WILLIAM KENNETH MAPLE   B  04 Jun 1910   -   D  11 May 1937
Burial - Two Ridges

JOHN MAPLE   B 26 Feb 1840   -   D 20 Dec 1925
Burial - Steubenville

WILLIAM MAPLE   B 10 Oct 1847   -   D abt 1934
Burial - Toronto

WARREN J. MAPLE   B 10 Feb 1931   -   D  18 Feb 1931
Burial - Mooretown

DANIEL MAPLE   B  09 May 1888   -   11 Apr 1935
Burial Salineville

CHARLES MAPLE   B  01 Jul 1872   D  13 Jul 1943

ANN MAPLE       b 12 Jan 1841   -   D 20 Oct 1931
Burial - Bergholz

ALBERT G. MAPLE   B 15 Jan 1834   -   D 27 Mar 1915
Burial Salineville

MAHLON M. MAPLE   B   15 May 1851   D 17 Feb 1931
Burial - Osage

________MAPLE   B 06 Jan 1918   D 11 Jan 1918
Burial - Bergholz

GEORGE MELVIN MAPLE   B 05 Feb 1855  -  D 04 Jun 1913
Burial - Richmond Union

FRANK MAPLE   B 11 Sep 1834   -  D 10 Sep 1927
Burial - Bergholz

GEORGE W. MAPLE   B 23 Dec 1876  -  D 18 Oct 1913
Burial - Ohio USA  ( died in Saline Twp., born Pine Grove)

GEORGE W. MAPLE   B  Jefferson Cty.   D 26 Nov 1924 (died in Dennison OH)
Burial - Irondale (wife Anna Maple)

JESSE MAPLE   B 23 Dec 1876   D 06 Apr 1957 (in Clarksburg, WV)
Burial - Steubenville Union

MARY JANE MAPLE   B 15 Oct 1905   -  D 17 Jun 1957
Burial - Fort Steuben

KATE Davison MAPLE   B 11 Sep 1856   D 22 Dec 1943
Burial Steubenville Union (wife of Lemuel)

ALLIE MAPLE   B 20 Apr 1892    D 27 Oct 1943
Burial - Unionport

CARRIE  Naiagon MAPLE    b 18 Jul 1870   D 07 Aug 1928
Burial - Richmond  (wife of Thomas)

ETHEL MAY Adams MAPLE    B  31 Oct 1888   D  10 Oct 1929
Burial - Steubenville Union  (wife of G.C. Maple)

NINA BELL Shields MAPLE    B 02 Oct 1881    D  28 Jul 1921
Burial - Bergholz

GEORGE W. MAPLE    B 07 Feb 1844    D   09 Feb 1929
Burial - Bergholz  (husband of Annie Maple)

ISABELL Sunderland MAPLE    B 03 May 1838    D  21 Dec 1927
Burial - Steubenville Union

ALVA DONALD MAPLE    B  09 Sep 1891    D  26 Oct 1910 (single)
Burial - Mooretown  (son of Samuel & Minnie Maple)

SARAH ANN MAPLE    B  15 Feb 1847    D  20 Aug 1915
Burial - Steubenville Union    (daug. Of Elias Maple)

MANDA MAPLE    B 12 May 1836    D  07 Apr 1910  (single)
Burial - ?   (daug. Of Aaron & Catherine Maple)

SARAH MAPLE Heisler    b   ABT 1861    d  11 Nov 1911
Burial - Annapolis   (daug. Of Aaron & Sarah Maple)

MARGARET MAPLE    B 23 May 1919    D 24 May 1919
Burial - Richmond   (daug. Of Wm. E & Nellie May Maple)

SAMUEL ELWOOD MAPLE    B  18 Nov 1845    D 18 Jun 1919
Burial - Steubenville Union  (husband of Katie I. Maple)

KEZIAH MAPLE    B  09 Jul 1882    D  17 Aug 1912  (single)
Burial - Osage

JOSEPH MAPLE    B 09 Jul 1882    D  17 Aug 1912  (single)
Burial - Osage   (son of Mahlon & Rebecca Deets Maple)

________MAPLE   B  1822    D 09 Mar 1909
Burial - Osage   (son of George Maple)

CLARA BELLE MAPLE    B  abt 1847    D  30 Nov 1923
Burial - Richmond

SUSAN VanDyke MAPLE    b b 21 May 1854    D  02 Jan 1937
Burial - Osage   (wife of William Maple)

WILLIAM C. MAPLE    B   13 Jan 1893    D 17 Apr 1953
Burial - ?  (born Salineville) (son of Charles & Francis Maple)

HELEN BLANCH Wilson MAPLE    B  13 Apr 1889    D  03 Mar 1950
Burial - Fort Steuben

CATHERINE Hogue MAPLE    B   11 Jun 1872    D  07 Jan 1949
Burial - Hammondsville   (wife of William Maple)

JAMES S. MAPLE    B 11 Jan 1877    D  24 Aug 1953
Burial - Unionport   (son of Mahlon & Rebecca Maple)

WILLIAM A. MAPLE    B    08 Sep 1872    D  12 Feb 1953
Burial - Hammondsville     (son of George Maple)

HAROLD ROSS MAPLE     B 02 Apr 1911    D  03 Apr 1911
Burial - Mt. Calvary  (son of Andrew Harris & Daisy Barnes Maple)