SMITHFIELD NORTHERN CEMETERY The following information was copied from records on file at the village office in Smithfield by Flora.
Children of Ellis and Robert
Ellis P. Melone married Alma L. McCurdy. Ellis was born in 1877 and died in 1961.
Their children were: Mary Edith, 1904-1952, Erma L., 1907-1951, Stella A., 1911-1976, Walter Ray, 1914-1978, and William Burl, 1922-1996.

Robert Woodridge Melone (buried in Lot 301 noted on paper) married in 1901 to Sarah Ellen Billheimber. Robert was born in 1880 and died in 1930. Sarah was born in 1877 and died in 1926. Their children were: Robert Vivienne, 1904 -, Elza Rudolph, 1907 -, Mary Clara, 1910 -, Ervin Edgar, 1912 -, (my father is written beside this entry), Marvin (Peck), 1914-1934, Virginia Louise, 1916 -, and Margaret Lucille, 1918 .
Grandchildren of Robert
Robert Vivienne Malone married Mary Catherine Crook. Robert was born in 1904 and Mary was born in 1913. Their children are: Katherine Frances, born 25 Aug. 1937, Margaret Anita Melone Meyer, born 6 Jul. 1940, John Joseph, 19 Mar. 1944.

Elza Rudolph Malone married Margaret Tidd. Elza was born in 1907. Their children are: Judith Ellen Malone Gire, born 9 Nov. 1941, James Edward, 14 Feb. 1946.

Mary Clara Malone married Howard Pollock. Mary was born in 1910. Their children are: Jacqueline Pollock Lee, born 10 Dec. 1939, JoAnn Pollock Brunswick, born 25 Sep. 1945.

Ervin Edgar Malone married Nellie Marie Jones. Erin was born in 1912. Their children are: John Robert Malone (me written beside this entry), born 14 Mar. 1937, Ralph Larry, 21 Jun. 1939, and Sarah Pauline Johnson, born 23 Sep. 1946.

Virginia Louise Malone married Samuel Elwood Ake. Virginia was born in 1916 and Samuel was born in 1913 and died in 1979. Their children are: Sam E., 7 Mar. 1944, and Sue E. Ake Balogh, born 21 Nov. 1951.

Margaret Lucille Malone married David Chalmers Henderson. Margaret was born in 1918 and David was born in 1917. Their children are: Sally Jean Henderson Simson, born 25 Sep. 1937, and David James, born 11 Dec. 1947.