Written and shared by chapter member, George Livingston
July 28, 2009



Joseph H. Sutton, 1842-1932, married Rachel Sophia Supler, 1844-1923*, on Dec. 3, 1863 in Marshall County WV.  They were married for 59 years and had 7 children born over a 24 year period.

On Oct. 22, 1909, their youngest daughter,  Daisy Eva Sutton, born July 6, 1888, married Franklin Madison Livingston, born Feb. 16, 1885.   They were married at Pleasant Valley in Marshall County and were the parents of 4 sons.  This marriage lasted 4 days short of 64 years.  Daisy Sutton Livingston passed away on Oct 18, 1973 and her husband Frank on March 5, 1982.

The oldest son of Frank & Daisy Sutton Livingston, Curtis Edward Livingston, born Aug. 15, 1910, married Mary M. McCoy, born April 30, 1907.  They were married June 7, 1933 in West Alexander PA.  They had two children, a boy and a girl, and were married 54 years.  Mary died on Feb. 29, 1988 and Ed on April 30, 1995.

The son of C. Edward and Mary M. Livingston, George Edward Livingston, born Dec. 16, 1934, married Beverly Jo Rigot, born Oct. 23, 1936.   Married May 9, 1959 in Weirton, WV.  They celebrated 50 years of marriage on May 9, 2009.

Total years of marriage for these four generations is 227 plus ……...

*The four generations listed above were two years short of being six generations.
Rachel Sophia Supler, 1844-1923, was the 6th of 7 children born to Edward Supler,
1804-1892, and his wife Eliza Brice, 1804-1875.  They were married Feb. 8, 1827.
This marriage lasted 8 days shy of 48 years when Eliza died on Jan 31, 1875.

Edward Supler was the youngest of  9 children born to Revolutionary War soldier, John Supler, 1756-1835, and his wife, Rachel Kirk, 1767-1850.  They were married on Aug. 19, 1784.  Their marriage lasted 2 months short of 51 years when John died on June 14, 1835.

John Supler was a Patriot Ancestor of George E. Livingston.  John served the entire 8 years of the Revolutionary War as a soldier and seaman.  

George E. Livingston
May 15, 2009