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January 2010 

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The Jesse Liston Family
Established 1843
Jesse Liston
& Rebecca Chenoweth


Initially, I started my discovery for the Listonís in Indianola. After about 6 months, it led me to England, then Delaware, then Ohio. I started a year ago looking into the history that was told to me by my husband, James D Liston, about his Great Grandmother Sophia Emma St. John Liston, born 1861, and his Great Grandfather, William Arthur Liston, born 1851 in Indianola Iowa, and how they were very instrumental in helping Mr. George Washington Carver, the African American Scientist. This really sparked my interest. Shortly after I began, I discovered that my brother-in-law, Bill Liston, had been doing research and had some materials, but had to quit, due to time restraints. So, I in essence took over, and have had a great deal of fun, fascination and enjoyment ever since.

I will start first with my father in law,  Robert Vorus Liston. He was born in 1922 in Los Angeles California. His father was Clyde Arthur Liston, born 1886 in Indianola Iowa, and died in 1973 in Seal Beach, California, and his mother was Eva Phillips, born abt 1888 in Indiana. Clyde's  parents were Sophia Emma St. John Liston, born in Polk, Iowa, died in Los Angeles, California, in 1936, and William Arthur Liston, born in 1851 in Indianola, Iowa, and died in Los Angeles, California, 1937. I soon found out that William's father was Jesse Liston, born in 1819 in Gallia,  Ohio, & died in 1871 in Indianola, Iowa. He was the son to Ebenezer Liston, born approx. in 1776 in Delaware or Pennsylvania, and Mary Frazee Liston born 1787 in Maryland died  July -1-1865. I have also found out a lot about Jesse Liston, (son of Ebenezer Liston), and Jesse's wife, Rebecca Chenoweth Liston. I have also learned of William and his wife Sophia, and all of the St. John family from Sophia's side. I also learned of Williamsís sister Clarinda Liston, who was born to Jesse and Rebbecca, in Gallia Ohio as well. Williamsís Great,Great, Great, Great, grandfather was Morris Liston. Morris was born abt 1664 in possibly Ireland or England he died on Feb 10, 1709 in New Castle Delaware. His wife was Jane Milcom , Jane was born June 8-1685 in Doylestown, Bucks Co. PA. He owned the land where the Delaware meets the ocean and where "Liston Point", and "Liston Lighthouse" are still located.

In England, the first Liston settled in Essex, where his holding was known as Listonís Manor. Later, one branch of the family removed to Scotland, where the name appears from time to time in records. 
I am also researching all of Jesse Listonís siblings, of which there are 14, and where their ancestorsí went to. Clarinda Liston, Jesse Listonís daughter, who married Thomas T. Anderson, also  lived in Ohio, of which I do have some write ups in History Books. And also the Hatfield s, who lived in Ohio as well. Edward T. Hatfield son to John Lewis Hatfield married Eva Rebbecca Anderson born 1886 in Indianola Iowa. I have quite a bit on the Hatfield's, in fact we have reconnected with our only relative related to Clarinda Liston her great grandson Prof. John T. Hatfield, found out he lived 2 hours away we just met up with him and had a nice family reunion.  I have a lot of information on Jesse Liston and his wife Rebbecca Chenoweth Liston and their children Clarinda Liston , and William Liston . So if anyone is interested at all in any of these surnames you can take a look at a Family History Album I am working on through Ancestry of which I am more then happy to share. In my Family Album called "The Liston Odyssey" You will find also many photos that we have owned and some that have been given to me by gracious people who were distant relatives. Also what you will find in my Album is a few excerpts that havenít been seen by the public yet of letters that were written to our great grandmother Sophia Emma St. John from Mr. George Washington Carver, of which I find fascinating. And I hope you will too!! Also, I have information for the Wells family we are related to Harvey Wells born 1864 died 1893 he was the founder of Wellston Ohio, he is nephew to Jesse Liston, cousin to our great grandfather William Arthur Liston. I also have information for Fletchers in Ohio. Also the St. John family in Iowa who immigrated from Canada .  Also the  Barker family Jesse Liston's sister Lucinda married Anselm Holcomb Barker pioneer to Denver Colorado, he built the first Cabin their in what is now called Denver Colorado. Their is a book also called the Barker Diaries by Nolie Mumey which talks of his adventures in mining finding some gold and settling their in Denver Co. and raising his family. We have photos of the family to go along with his exciting story.

(This article was written by chapter member, Venice A. Liston.


Resources : Liston Genealogy by B.J. Brown
Beneath the Whispering Maples The History of Simpsonís College by Joseph W. Walt
George Washington Carver in Indinaola  By Ed Carty
The History of Warren County Iowa 1789 & 1900  Reprinted by Higginson Book Company
A Time And Place in Ohio by Robert H. Richardson

Thomas Liston born Aug 17-1809 In Ohio. He died in Tiltonsville, Warren Twp., Jeff. Co., Ohio in 1902.
One of the few photosís that actually had name and date.

Quoting from  The Liston Genealogy, by B.J. Brown,  in association with the book, The Liston's of America, by Gail Ann Stanley, & with Roger Lee Liston.   First of all the Liston name can be traced back to the time of William the Conqueror. The name Liston is a French word which in heraldry means the ribbon or band bearing the motto below the family shield. The earliest Liston was identified as a Norman who came with William the Conqueror. 

In England the first Liston settled in Essex where his holding was known as Liston's Manor. Later, one branch of the family removed to Scotland, where the name appears from time to time in the records of the next few centuries.  But not all Liston's went to Scotland.

It seems our family line comes from the English Quakers, the ones from Morris Liston who came to Delaware , Morris Liston was a mariner in the seventeenth century.  He was granted 350  acres  for service in His Majesty's military. This warrant was granted under  a Royal Charter from King Charles II .

Morris Liston ended up with well  over 1200 acres of land. All land, previously owned by him, is privately owned. There is a light house, that has been deemed a historical site, and two homes on the land known as Liston's Point in Delaware USA.  From there Morris Liston's descendants branched off into many states, like  Pennsylvania, Virgina,  Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, California, .. And now who knows probably  all over the United States.  Through ancestry I have traced our lines  to those states. These are the children of Ebenezer and Mary Frazy Liston.

Matilda born- Feb 10-1805 ( I have no information so far on Matilda as of 2010) Most likely she was born in Pennsylvania
Joseph P. born sept-7-1806 died nov -29-1862 in Ohio married Jane Mc Glenn & Emily White
Abraham born march 3- 1808  he died 1851 in Wilkesville Vinton Ohio , married Elizabeth Strong
Thomas Liston . aug 17-1809( we have a picture of him) died in 1902 in Tiltonsville Ohio
Elizabeth born june -5-18119( I have found nothing so far as of 2010)
Wilson born sept-25-1812 Married Hannah Gray They both died in Wellston Ohio
William born sept 29-1813   (no info as of 2010)
Sarah C. born june 8- 1815  ( No info as of 2010)
Mary Liston june 22-1817 died May-24-1890 in Millfield Athens Ohio she  Married Alfred Carr
Jessie Liston born Feb 8 -1819 died nov, 1871 in Indianola Iowa.
I have alot on Jesse Liston as he is my husband great, great, grandfather, Jesse married Rebecca Chenoweth in Ohio and had Clarinda 1846, then moved to Indianola as they were the first settlers their, and built  the first home, started the first Episcopal Methodist Church their, and opened the first Grocer, Jesse and Rebecca then had William Arthur Liston he is my husband great grandfather, and my father in law who is alive and well today at 88 now in 2010. William is his grandfather we have many photos for  William, and his wife Sophia Emma St. John and their children and other relatives.

The rest of  Ebenezer and Mary Frazy Liston's children are:
Malinda born in Vinton Ohio feb-11-1821 died in Wilkesville Vinton Ohio  in 1901 married Edward Fletcher
Lucinda born in Vinton Ohio may 29-1823 Married Anselm Holcomb Barker she died 1899 in Denver Colorado
Hanna born in Vinton Ohio May 10-1825  Married  Agrippa Wells they had Harvey Wells, Mary Wells, Rufus Wells died in Wilkesville Vinton Ohio died in 1887 in Vinton Ohio
Ebenezer born June 3-1828 In Vinton Ohio  died Aug-12-1883 in Peoria Illinois  married Married Kathrine Cory Beekman
Hester Ann born Wilkesville Vinton Ohio Mar 30-1831 died Sept-18-1842 at the age of 11 yrs old.

I would like to also learn more of Rebecca Chenoweths, family she was from Ohio as well, actually, Jesse and Rebecca were married in Gallio Ohio and Clarinda was born in Gallio Ohio. But our William A Liston was born in Indianola Iowa 1851... After Jesse Liston arrived in about 1849/50 in Indianola Iowa.
So please take a look at our album if you are related to any of these surnames that I have written happy hunting ..

Venice & James D. Liston