To join the Society for the Preservation of Ohio One-Room Schools, make a check for $2.00 payable to J. Larry Helton, Jr. and mail to 6570 Crest Circle, Middletown, OH 45042. For more information, call 937-855-6958 or visit the web site Visit`com/`ohmorshs/ for information on upcoming events.

Just a century ago, our ancestors attended school in a small one-room building, usually with a potbellied stove to provide warmth with one teacher and the students from every grade at their desks, using the Bible to learn reading. Times have changed! The history and culture of one-room schoolhouses still interest people and the state of Ohio is working harder than ever to preserve the old buildings and their stories. The Society for the Preservation of Ohio One-Room Schools (SPOORS) was founded in 1993 by husband-and-wife team Larry and Debbie Helton.  The biggest challenge for the society is finding money and volunteers. Grants, private donations and fundraisers have helped to preserve various schoolhouses.