Laughlin Bailey Family History

Laughlin Bailey was born about 1830 in Yellow Creek Twp. of Columbiana County, Ohio


Laughlin’s father was Alexander Baillie.  Alexander was married to Margaret Noble on Apr. 2, 1824 in Columbiana County, OH and was lifelong members of Yellow Creek Presbyterian Church where they are also both buried.  Alex and Margaret had 6 children; Janet, William, Laughlin, Margaret, Nancy, Christina and Isabella.


Laughlin married Elizabeth Williams on Nov. 13, 1856 in Saline Twp. of Jefferson Co., OH and also resided there on a farm.  Laughlin and Elizabeth had only 1 child, John A. Bailey, who was born on Sept. 29, 1857.  Elizabeth died shortly after on Mar. 10, 1859.  Laughlin later enrolled into the 104th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteers in Company “F” on Aug 12, 1862 and then mustered-in at Camp Massillon on Aug. 30, 1862.  Laughlin died in a Regiment Hospital in Knoxville, TN on Feb. 13, 1864 of Scurvy and is buried at the Knoxville National Cemetery.  He is located in Section B, site 466.


Laughlin and Elizabeth’s only son, John A. Bailey, was then raised by John Mc Bean (Mc Bane) and his family.  They were appointed full guardianship and also received military pension until John was 16 years old.  The Mc Bean’s lived in Jefferson County, OH. 


Laughlin also had a brother, William Bailey, who enrolled in the 22nd Regiment of Wisconsin.  Laughlin also had a cousin, George W. Bailey, who fought for Company “C” of the 115th Regiment of Ohio.

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Lived In:        Irondale, Jefferson County, OH
Regiment:        104th Ohio Volunteers
Company:        F
Rank:        Private
Mustered In:        August 30, 1862 in Massillon, OH
Died in Service:      Feb. 13, 1864    in Nashville, TN    Military Hospital  (scurvy)
Pension # :        49539


Married:        Nov. 13, 1856
Wife:        Elizabeth
Wife Died:        March 10, 1859     (before he entered the war)

Son:        John A. Bailey
Born:        Sept. 29, 1857
Guardian:        James McBane    (a neighbor and friend of family)


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