TWO CENTURIES – ANCESTORIAL GENEALOGY – 1735 TO 1935, by L.R. Smith and J. Harland Keenan, Avella, PA, June 8, 1938. (A copy of this compilation was made from the original which was donated by Terry Young. She found it with some old photos and had no idea she had it and said she had never seen it before.)

GEORGE KEENAN, descendant of Henry was born 14 Sep. 1822, and died 1 Aug. 1898. He married three times. He first married Nancy SHIVELY, daughter of Richard Shively. He married his second wife, Susanna TILTON in 1865. She was the daughter of Thomas and Jane TILTON of Tiltonsville, Warren Twp., Ohio. Thomas was a soldier in the Union Army and died in Andersonville prison.  His third marriage was to Caroline Adams in August of 1877. She was born in 1841 and died in 19--.

PART I – BEST FAMILY: John died 1795, wife Catherine, died abt. 1814. They are from Holland to Buffalo Creek {which flows into the Ohio River at Wellsburg) as early as 1771, reflected in records located in Wheeling, Ohio County, WV. {There are 26 pages of history on the BEST family which includes maps, deeds, wills, and other links to families from Virginia, Western Pennsylvania and now West Virginia.

PART II – SMITH FAMILY – The first SMITH, Fergus, came from Cecil County, Maryland. He purchased a tract of land in that county, consisting of two acres. Fergus immediately took possession of his plantation and lived on it until his death which occurred in 1748. There was a grist mill located on this land. His son was Fergus Smith II and in his will it refers to the fact that “he came over the mountains and purchased land on both Buffalo, Washington County, PA and Cross Creeks in the valley of the Ohio River. In 1778 he appeared before his neighbor, and took the “Oath of Allegiance” to the new American Government. [Accepted by the DAR as a Revolutionary war veteran.] His will can be located in Will Bk. No 2, Brooke County, Virginia [WV].  It appears he was a slave owner and detailed records continued on the SMITH ancestry, including over 45 pages of documents and proofs. He was the father of ten children and had a son Fergus III. He died in Hopewell Twp., Washington Co., PA and his last will was dated May 1, 1849, probated May 11, 1849.
The will of descendant, Fergus Smith IV was found in Brooke County, WV, dated Feb 15th, 1879.

JANE SMITH SHIVELY FAMILY – Jane was the youngest child of Henry Smith and was born on 15 Apr. 1807. She died on 28 Aug. 1894 and was buried in the old graveyard at West Liberty, WV. She married Richard Shively and lived in Ohio Co., WV for some years. Later the family established a farm in Jefferson Co., OH, which was once owned by her father and then brother, George Smith. This land was located near the Ohio River on Rush Run, opposite Beech Bottom, WV. Her husband, Richard was married and a daughter to his first marriage became the wife of George Keenan (I), who was the son of Elizabeth Smith Keenan. (Photo's are available in the Winter 2009 Jefferson County Lines Newsletter, available to purchase under "publications for sale).

PHOTO - Written on back of the photo (bolded only): Mary [garet] A[nna]. Shively [Mozingo] (the little girl in front of photo is approx. 4 yrs. old), Rush Run July 1, 1904. Possible others in photo - her mother, back standing and her maternal grandparents.

PART III – KEENAN FAMILY – Henry (I) was born in County Down, Ireland, near Belfast in 1758 and died in Hopewell Twp., near Mt. Hope Church, Washington Co., PA on 20 Aug. 1824. He married twice, his first he married in Ireland. The second wife, Elizabeth, immigrated to America prior to 1800. She was born in 1760 and died in 1838.  They had children, John and Martha.  Martha married a man by the name of MILLIGAN and it appears they had no children. It appears that both John and his sister, Martha, died in 1865 as George Rizor disposed of this farm in April 1866, which was located in Independence Twp., Washington Co., PA. They are buried in the old graveyard in West Middletown, PA.

“We realize that as the years go by it will be harder to obtain authentic information concerning these early families, and that sooner or later their names will be entirely forgotten to their posterity. It is for that reason that we have compiled the information found in this manuscript.” {Authors” Smith & Keenan}

NOTE – The complete compilation including many photos is available at the chapter headquarters on 100 Fernwood Road, Wintersville, Ohio, 43953.