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Honoring Our Revolutionary War Patriots

George Livingston, Genealogist and Historian provided the following updates and information on behalf of the Ebenezer Zane Chapter, OHSSAR. The following is a current list, as of January 2008, of veterans buried in Jefferson County, Ohio. This list includes Revolutionary War Veterans graves marked by the Ebenezer Zane Chapter, Ohio Society, Sons of the American Revolution.

• 2001 – Island Creek Cemetery, grave markers placed in June; dedication ceremony held Aug 18th for John DeHuff, 1758 – 1843, PA Mil., and William Jackman, 1751 – 1818, PA Mil.

• 2003 – Warrenton Cemetery, grave markers placed May 1st; dedication ceremony held June 5th for John Humphrey, 1752 – 1841, PA Mil*., Moses Kimball, 1747 – 1828, MA Cont. Line, and John McElroy, 1758 – 1841, PA Cont. Line*.

• 2004 – Annapolis Cemetery, grave markers placed June 23rd; dedication ceremony held Oct. 16th for Abraham Betz, 1743 – 1821, PA Mil., Ezekiel Cole, 1748 – 1843, MD Mil., John Davis, 1748 – 1822, PA Cont. Line, and Alexander Patterson, 1760 – 1834, PA Mil. (Stone installed by Salem Twp. Trustees.)

• 2004 – Mt. Tabor Cemetery, grave marker placed June 23; dedication ceremony by JCC OGS held May 15, 2005 for Abel Armstrong, 1758 – 1837, VA Cont. Line. Graveside service conducted by the Jefferson County Chapter, OGS.

• 2004 – Hopewell Cemetery, grave marker placed Aug. 16th; dedication ceremony by JCC OGS held May 15, 2005 for Jeremiah Tingley, 1755 – 1803, NJ Mil. Graveside service conducted by the Jefferson County Chapter, OGS.

• 2005 – Union Cemetery, Steubenville, grave marker placed April 27th for Thomas Edgington, 1744 – 1814, PA Mil.

• 2005 – Union Cemetery, Richmond, grave marker placed April 27th for Peter Hout, 1762 – 1813, PA Cont. Line.

• 2005 – Bergholz Cemetery (Circle Green), grave marker place April 27th for William Taylor, 1753 – 1845, Sea Service, PA Cont. Line.

• 2005 – Warrenton Cemetery, grave marker placed Sept. 30th for Ephraim Kimberly, 1738 – 1796, CT Cont. Line
• 2006 – Cross Creek Cemetery, grave marker placed Jan. 12 for George Day, 1750 – 1838, MD Mil.

• 2006 – Sugar Grove Cemetery, grave markers placed Jan. 12; dedication ceremony held on May 13 for William Maple, 1738 – 1813, NJ Mil.*, John Spiller, 1741 – 1829, PA Mil.* and Henry Vantilburg, 1756 – 1842, NJ Mil.

• 2006 – Bacon Ridge/Montgomery Cemetery, grave marker placed March 29th for Allen Speedy, 1760 – 1836, PA Mil.

• 2006 – Sugar Grove Cemetery, grave marker placed Sept. 21st for Nathan Shaw, 1740 – 1820, NJ Mil.*.

• 2006 – Annapolis Cemetery, grave marker placed Sept. 21st for Philip Everhart, 1755 – 1809, PA Cont. Ln*.

• 2006 – Mound Cemetery, Tiltonsville, grave marking Oct. 19th for John Tilton, 1738 – 1810, VA Mil.

• 2006 – Brilliant Veterans Park, marker place Oct. 19th for Francis Riley, 1743 – 1810, VA Mil.

• 2007 – Rehoboth Cemetery, grave marking April 18th for Thomas Rouse Jr., 1762 – 1840, PA Mil. Graveside service July 14th.

• 2007 – Old M.E. Church Cemetery, Richmond, grave marking April 18 for Thomas Minor, 1761 – 1840, VA Cont. Ln.

• 2007 – Center Chapel (Old Tent) Cemetery, grave marking for John Armstrong, John Scott and Alexander Simeral.

• William Starr/Locke, marker was installed in the fall of 2007 at the Bacon Ridge/Montgomery Farm Cemetery.

• Marker for Jacob Clark at Rehoboth, was installation spring of 2008. Graveside service planned for May 17, 2008.

• Marker for Joseph Chambers received and installed spring of 2008 at the Rehoboth Cemetery. Graveside service slated for May 17, 2008.

• Marker ordered for Abraham Moore spring 2008. It which will be installed at the Steubenville Union Cemetery.

Local SAR Updates:
The Ebenezer Zane Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution update: The Fort Steuben Chapter, DAR has requested a grave dedication ceremony for Samuel Leech Sr. to be held this fall at the Two Ridges Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Wintersville, Ohio. The date is slated for Saturday, Sept. 20, 2008 beginning at 10:30 A.M. The following Revolutionary War Veterans will also be honored:

1. George Alban, 1758-1840
2. Richard Johnson , 1743-1828
3. Samuel Leech, 1737-1820
4. James McFarren, c1764-1816
5. James Shane, 1745-1804

Tributes to these veterans will be read by members of the DAR, the SAR and descendents of these veterans.

This memorial service is one of many that SAR chapters across this nation hold every year. The primary mission of the SAR is to perpetuate the memory of our Patriot ancestors and preserve our American Heritage, a heritage that these patriots helped to create. Contact George Livingston at

Update on: Abraham Moore, Revolutionary Veteran.
A memorial was installed by the SAR in the Steubenville Union Cemetery for Abraham Moore

Message Board Post:
Virginia Rev War pensioners – these were final payments and were handled separately from pensions, with a separate application process due to an act of Congress. His final payment voucher is as follows:
Abraham Moore, Jefferson Co Ohio 9 Mar 1837, his mark, no rank given, resident of Steubenville Ohio for 25 years appoints William Ferguson atty to collect pension due from 4 Sep 1836 to 4 mar 1837 witness John Leatch, Samuel Page – Wheeling,

Mar 17 1837 collected $14.88

JEFFERSON COUNTY OHIO: Revolutionary War Veterans graves marked by Ebenezer Zane Chapter, Ohio Society, Sons of the American Revolution for 2008:

  • 2007/2008 – Rehoboth Cemetery. Grave marker placed Nov. 7, 2007. Ceremony May 17, 2008. Jacob N. Clark, 1754-1841, MD Cont. Line.*

  • Rehoboth Cemetery. Grave marker placed April 19. Ceremony May 17, 2008. Joseph Chambers, 1751-1841, PA Mil.*

  • Sugar Grove Pioneer Cemetery. Grave marker placed April 19, 2008. Joseph Willis, 1759-1842, NJ Mil.*

  • Two Ridges Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Grave marker placed April 19, 2008. Samuel Leech, Jr., 1737-1820, PA Mil. (60th grave marker placed since 2000)

  • Union Cemetery, Steubenville. Grave marker placed July 23, 2008.

  • Abraham Moore, 1738-1837, PA

  • Two Ridges Presbyterian Church Cemetery. Grave markers placed July 23, 2008. Richard M. Johnson, 1743-1828. PA Frontier Rangers James S. McFarren, 1764-1816, PA Militia. Ceremony slated for September 20, 2008.
* Asterisk denotes memorial markers. No proof that these veterans are actually buried in these cemeteries, but may be buried nearby on what was once their family farm or in a now ‘non-existent’ family cemetery that may have been in the local area.

NOTE – Markers used for Rev. War Veterans are the 12” x 24” bronze plaques furnished by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Memorial Programs Service. Markers are installed by members of the Ebenezer Zane Chapter. Costs of installation materials are drawn from a memorial fund set up by the chapter using profits from the sale of the “Revolutionary War Patriots” book series. 37 Rev. War veterans’ graves marked since 2001 in Jefferson County.
Written and submitted by George E. Livingston, Genealogist/Historian, Ebenezer Zane Chapter, OHSSAR. August 2008


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