Morganís raid into Ohio took place in the summer of 1863 under the command of General John Morgan.† This Confederate campaign reached the farthest north of the Civil War.† In the early hours of July 26, 1863, Morganís Raiders met the 9th MI Cavalry under the command of Major W.B. Way, between the crossroads and the West Grove Cemetery. Artillery quickly threw the tide in the favor of the Union Cavalry.† Morgan escaped with part of his men through a deep ravine, leaving his rear guard to face the music.† In the battle 240 rebels were taken prisoner, 80 were wounded, and an unknown number were killed. The old East Liverpool Tribune marked their grave with a block of marble at the West Grove Cemetery.† General John Morgan surrendered six hours later in a field near West Point
in Columbiana County, Ohio.

(Extracted from Memorial marker by: Matt Detchon)