Higgins/Higgens/Pegg/Revenaugh Family History
Submitted by chapter member Christopher Hoctor

Daniel Higgins (1759-1848) - Click to download pdf.


Bronze Marker, installed by The Ebenezer Zane Chapter, SAR
Daniel Higgins Sr., August 25,1759-1848
Warrenton Cemetery, July 25, 2009
Warren Township, Jefferson County, Ohio
This bronze marker was installed in the HIGGINS Family Plot

Daniel Higgins, Patriot
Warrenton Cemetery, Warren Twp.

Photo's taken by SAR Ebenezer Zane Chapter member, George Livingston

Bronze grave marker for Daniel Higgins, 1759-1848, was placed in Warrenton Cemetery this morning (2 July, 2009) on the site as marked.

From chapter member
Christopher Hoctor
October 21, 2008

Here is (Sergeant) Daniel Higgins Jr. under Capt David Peck, Jefferson County, Ohio Militia in the War of 1812.
Not sure if I have any other evidence besides Emma Higgins' stories written in the 1930's.

Chris Hoctor

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