Darrell (Bud) Thomas HERVEY
{Written by Flora L. VerStraten}

I went to visit Bud along with John Borkowski. Bud was born at home in Bloomingdale, Wayne Twp., Ohio on the 7th of May 1924. He has two children, three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Bud is retired from Local #132 (Operating Engineers) out of Charleston, West Virginia. He has one sister, Janet Marie Hervey Boyd. Bud married Virginia Smith who was a teacher in Piney Fork for two years, then moved on to Smithfield School to teach for four years, and continued teaching at Wayne Grade School for thirty-two years upon her retirement.
Bud’s father was Stanton McKee Hervey who was born the 1st of May 1893. He died in 1972 and is buried in the Bloomingdale Cemetery. Bud’s mother was Marie Frazier who was born on the 30th of June in 1898 and died in 1966 and she is also buried in the Bloomingdale Cemetery.

Bud’s paternal grandparents were David McKee Hervey who died in 1930 and Amanda Mansfield Hervey who died in 1931. Bud’s maternal grandparents were Samuel Paul Frazier (who built the first plank road up Market Street in Steubenville). Samuel was from Pittsburgh, PA. When Samuel lived in Jefferson County he worked construction and later owned and ran a livery stable in Hopedale. Samuel’s wife was Jennie Merryman Frazier.

{The following is a biographical sketch given by James Archer at a family reunion August 15, 1906 and was collected from ancient papers, family records, tombstone inscriptions and well-authenticated family history}. Robert Hervey left Scotland about 1700 and crossed to Ireland. His wife’s surname was McCormick. Their son, William was born near Lisbon and Sisfield, County Down, in the year of 1740. On May 17, 1770 William left Ireland and sailed the ship, "East of Donegal" and landed in Philadelphia, PA. on July 24, 1770. He resided in Chester County, PA. with a maternal uncle named McCormick until 1773 when he married Sarah Hudson, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Hudson. Sarah was born in Chester County, PA. on May 14, 1753 and her death date is unknown.

William and Sarah Hudson Hervey had six boys and three girls. Elenor, born Jan 15, 1774 died in infancy. William Jr. born Oct. 9, 1775 died Feb. 25, 1855 and is buried at the Piney Fork Cemetery. He married and had nine children. Robert T. was born Feb. 11, 1778 and died April 14, 1840. He was 62 yrs. old when he died, never married and is buried at the Piney Fork Cemetery. Joseph was born Jun 25, 1780 and died July 15, 1849. John was born Oct. 25, 1782 and died Dec., 1831 and is buried in the Piney Fork Cemetery. Mary was born Nov. 8, 1784 and died March 7, 1845 and is buried in the Piney Fork Cemetery. She married David T. Archer of Washington County, PA. and had no children. James was born Dec 5, 1787 and died in 1823. Sarah was born on Sept. 12, 1790 and died in 1823. David Sr. was born on May 12, 1794 and died May 20, 1879. He is buried in the Piney Fork Cemetery in Jefferson County, Smithfield Twp. 

{This article is continued from Winter 2004 Newsletter, pg. 8}
The following is exactly as it appears in the notebook. Mr. Darrell Hervey has a small notebook, handwritten on the front in fountain pen is, Mary E. Copeland and inside the little notebook is some of the following record:

Family Reunion Nov. 29th, 1878
On the 19th inst. at Joseph Hervey’s near Bloomfield, was held the second Hervey annual reunion of that branch of the Hervey family known to be descendants from Robert Hervey of Scotland. The occasion was one of unusual interest, combining with it all the requisites of an enjoyable season, both for old and young at a very early hour began the arrival of friends and invited guests, and so continued until the assemblage numbered nearly one hundred persons. At ten o’clock the meeting was called to order by appointing John B. Hervey chairman and G.W. Hervey secretary. According to the arranged programme, Rev. David Hervey of West Va. conducted the devotional exercises, after which the president, Mr. John B. Hervey, delivered the opening address - a welcome - which was calculated to make all feel that they were for the present, at least, one nation, one kindred, one family. David Hervey Sr. of Bloomfield was assigned Family History, and spoke at some length giving a pretty concise and full history of his ancestors as learned from his father which carried us back to near the close of the sixteenth century, when Robert Hervey, the progenitor used as the basis of this family, is supposed to have emigrated form Scotland to the North of Ireland during some of the Scotch persecutions. A number of ancient papers were produced, among these church certificates and his father’s certificate of passage on the ship, "East of Donnegal" from Belfast Ireland to Philadelphia, in the U.S. dated April 17th, 1770, and signed by James Blair, Captain. He also related many incidents of pioneer life, of the tomahawk and scalping knife, so familiar to those of the earlier settlements of Pennsylvania and Ohio. This, the youngest of a large family, and the only living representative of the third generation, can stand but a short time at the head of this family. His mind is sound and reasoning power good, though far advanced in years and frail in body.

Rev. David Hervey, of West Va. The oldest representation of another branch of the Hervey family, and second cousin of David of Jefferson County, O., was by invitation present, accompanied by one of his daughters. He read quite a lengthy history of the family and State, which he had prepared for publication in a work soon to be gotten up in the interest of West Va. His extempore speech on the war history of Virginia and this association with it while amusing was at the same time calculated to arouse a spirit of patriotism in the breast of every loyal citizen. At this juncture of the proceedings the chairman of a committee that had been in session in another part of the house was introduced, and announced dinner.

The afternoon meeting was opened by an address from William H. Hervey, Superintendent of the City Hospital in Cincinnati, showing what would become of the honest and industrious youth thrown upon the cold charities of the world. Joseph Hervey of Bloomfield was the next speaker and gave a brief rehearsal of modern history. Communications from the following persons were read by the secretary: William Hervey of Chicago; John Hervey of Va.,: James of Ohio; Henry of Lexington Ky.,; and W. R. Hervey of Louisville, Ky. The latter being an extended history, introducing a link, which for many had been, lost sight of.

W. R. Hervey commenced the practice of law in 1836, at a later date, through the solicitations of a number of leading Whigs. Mr. Clay among the number which he assumed, the editorial management of the Lexington Intelligencer. He enjoyed the entire confidence of Mr. Clay and was honored with his warmest friendship to the close of that illustrious statesman’s life. He is now in the possession of the most valuable relic of that great man – the original manuscript of a speech delivered by him, and the only speech which Mr. Clay ever wrote out in full, and which Mr. Clay presented to him a short time before his death as a mark of his personal friendship and esteem. In 1848 when General Taylor received the nomination for the Presidency, over Mr. Clay, he withdrew from the press and accepted the tellership in the Northern Bank of Kentucky. In 1856 he was elected clerk of the Louisville Chancery court; at the breaking out of the rebellion he was appointed a member of the board of enrollment for the 5th congressional District of Ky. At the close of the war he was tendered the position of cashier of the United States Depository at Louisville which he accepted and held for ten years. When he was appointed Special agent of the Treasury Department for the examination of all the Sub-Treasuries and Depositories in the United States.

Rev. Jamison of Hopedale was called upon and made some very appropriate remarks, touching his relationship as Minster with the majority of those present. Following this was a cane presentation by the little boys to their grandfather, David Hervey Sr. William Hervey of Cincinnati represented the boys in a neat and well timed speech. Build on your own Foundation "a charge to the youth by David A. Hervey." This chewed the corners off the eulogies on name. The Valedictory by Miss Nannie Leech was well received and spoke highly of her literary culture. The Bloomfield U.P. Choir conducted by N. M. McCoy furnished the music.

The little notebook referred to in this article is rich in family genealogies and also includes a list of burials in the Old Piney Fork Cemetery. It is in the possession of Darrell Hervey.

David Hervey was born in 1794 and died May 20, 1879 and is buried in the Piney Fork Cemetery. David married Elizabeth Archer. She died July 16, 1860 at 64 yrs old and they are both buried in the Piney Fork Cemetery. Their children listed below including date dates are buried at the Old Piney Fork Cemetery.

  • Ebenezer Hervey, Dec 22, 1817
  • William Hervey, Feb 22, 1819, died 1821, 2 yrs.
  • Sarah Hervey, Jan 24, 1821, died May 17, 1823, 2y
  • Nancy Hervey, Dec 24, 1822, died 1863, 40 yrs.
  • Robert Hervey, Jan 17, 1825
  • Easter Hervey, Nov 28, 1826
  • Susanna Hervey, Jan 2, 1829
  • John Hervey, Oct 10, 1830
  • David Hervey, June 28, 1832
  • Joseph Hervey, Feb 26, 1834, died Mar. 31, 1861
  • James & Elizabeth May 6, 1837, died 1858, 16 yrs.
  • Mary Hervey, Feb 21, 1840
  • Infant son, born & died in 1836, 10 dys.

Also buried in the Old Piney Fork Cemetery:

  • Thomas M. son of Ebenezer and Margaret Hervey fell in Battle at Pottsville.
  • Susanna wife of Wm. Hervey Jr. died Nov. 17, 1834 aged 49 yrs and 2 mos.
  • Hannah daughter of Wm. and Susannah Hervey died 1835 aged 18 yrs.
  • Susannah Jane, youngest daughter of Wm. and Susannah Hervey, died 1828 aged 3 yrs.
  • Robert Hervey, son of Wm. and Susannah Hervey, died 1849 aged 26 yrs.
  • Sarah Jane, wife of Joseph Hervey, died 1848, aged 39 yrs.
  • Isabel McNary, wife of Joseph Hervey, died 1851 aged 30 yrs.

Four Civil War Veterans buried in Old Piney Fork

  • Thomas M. Hervey, son of E. & M. Hervey fell in the battle at Spotsylvania May 12, 1864, aged 20 yrs, 7 mo, 16 dys.
  • N.M McCoy, died Jan 29, 1885 aged 60 yrs.
  • David Wiggins
  • Thomas M. Kyle

A few surnames listed from tombstones read in 1878:

  • Frankhill and Gracy
  • Kyle and Coulter (1885, mother of G.B. Coulter)
  • Leech and Barkhurst
  • Frazier and Carson (James & Isabella)
  • Dodds and McNary
  • McFarland
  • Moore
  • Mintier
  • Wiggins
  • McCoy
  • Hervey


  1. Apr 23, 1806 John Hammond & Rachel to Andrew Carson & wife Isabel.
  2. Nov 9, 1815 Andrew Carson & Isabel to George Spear & wife Sarah. {$256}
  3. Mar 9, 1822 George Spear & Sarah to David Vance and wife, Mary. {$500}
  4. Jul 24, 1830 David Vance & Mary to Elizabeth Ribison & Henry Gregg, guardian minor children of Joseph Robinson. {$550}
  5. Jun 3, 1834 Jane Ribison & Ann Robison to William Kennedy & wife Mary.
  6. John Simeral & Mary Ann Simeral to Mathew Hillis. {$600}
  7. May 18, 1839 John Simeral & Mary Ann to Mathew Hillis & wife Rosanah. {$600}
  8. Dec 15, 1840 Mathew Hillis & Rosanah to Thomas McCaulley. {$1,000}
  9. Apr 9, 1842 Thomas McCaully to Mathew Hillis. (no wife mentioned). {$730}
  10. Feb 19, 1844 Mathew Hillis & wife, Rosan to John H. Clapp (no wife mentioned).
  11. Apr 28, 1848 John H. Clapp to Charles Naylor (no wife noted).

To John Clapp from Mathew Hillis and Rosan, his wife. Beginning at a post on the South corner of section number 17, in township number 9 and range number 3 thence with the section line North seventy eight perches and one fourth to a post. Thence west one hundred and two perches to a post joining lands of Robert Maxwell thence South seventy-eight perches and one fourth to a post joining lands of Anthony Blackburn thence East one hundred and two perches to the place of beginning containing fifty acres more or less.

Samuel and Rebecca Peregory Naylor were born near Baltimore Maryland and migrated to Ohio in 1797 and settled in Smithfield Twp.

One son of Samuel and Rebecca was Charles P. Naylor (deed transfer above) born 12 Sep 1804. Charles married Ruth Merryman on the 18th of June 1829.

Other children of Samuel and Rebecca were; Anna, born 17 Feb 1796, John S. born 19 Mar 1800, Joseph P. born 3 Oct 1802, Mary born 10 Oct 1806, Rebecca born 13 Nov. 1808, Abraham born 15 Mar 1814, Samuel born 26 Feb 1816, and Elizabeth.



          {The following history was donated by chapter member, Darrell Hervey, Bloomingdale, Ohio. This is a biographical sketch that was given by James Archer at a family reunion August 15, 1906. It was collected from ancient papers, family records, tombstone inscriptions and other well authenticated traditional history. This article is continued from the Jefferson County Lines Winter 2004 newsletter issue, pg. 8.} William Hervey Jr. was the son of William and Sarah Hudson Hervey. He was born October 9, 1775 and died Feb. 25, 1855. He married Susanah Hawthorne of near Taylorsville, Pa., Washington County, Pa. They settled on section 27, Wayne Twp., of Jefferson County, Ohio in 1809 and lived there the rest of their lives.

      Susanah Hawthorne Hervey, wife of Wm. Hervey, Jr. was born in 1785, near Taylorsville, Washington Co., Pa. She died November 17, 1834 and was buried in Piney Fork Cemetery, Jefferson county, Ohio. She was 49 years and 2 mos. old. They had 5 boys and 3 girls as follows:

  • 1.      Joseph – Born March 18, 1810, died May 2, 1883, buried in Bloomfield Cemetery.
  • 2.      William H. – Born December 31, 1811, died September 30, 1887, buried in Bloomfield Cemetery.
  • 3.      Sarah Hudson Hervey – Born ? died May 12, 1878.
  • 4.      Hannah – Born 1831, died in 1849 was 18 years old. Never married, buried at Piney Fork.
  • 5.      Mary - ?
  • 6.      Robert C. – Born in 1823, died in 1849, age 26 years. Never married, buried at Piney Fork.
  • 7.      John Hervey - ?
  • 8.      Susanah Jane – Born around 1824/5, died in 1828.

     Joseph, son of William Jr. and Susanah Hawthorne Hervey was born March 18, 1810 and died May 2, 1883/73. He and his third wife are buried at Bloomfield. His first wife was, Sarah Jane; Second wife was, Isabel McNary; Third wife was Isabel McMillian Maxwell.  

       Sarah Jane Hervey died in 1848 and was 39 years old. She is buried at Piney Fork. Their children are as follows:

  • 1.      Mary – Married Robert McFarland and had three children.
  • 2.      Bessie – who became a doctor (M.D.)
  • 3.      Hervey – Real estate in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • 4.      Margaret – Taught education in Franklin College.
  • 5.      William and  6. Thompson

Isabel McNary Hervey (Joseph’s second wife) was born in 1821 and died in 1851, age 30 years. They had no children. Isabel McMillian Maxwell (Joseph’s third wife) was Wilmer Hawthorne’s grandmother. She was born January 30, 1828 and died January 9, 1891. She was 62 years old, 11mos., 11 days. She is buried at the Bloomfield Cemetery. She was the only child of Robert and Mary Warnock McMillan of Belmont Co., Ohio. She had one child by her first marriage, Jane Eliza Maxwell (often called Jennie) who married Arthur Allison Hawthorne. Joseph and Isabel McMillian Maxwell Hervey had five children as follows:

  • 1.      Jennie – Married Oliver Welday. They had one child who died in infancy.
  • 2.      Ella – Married Nathan Porter. They had three children.
  • 3.      Joseph – Married Nora Hawthorne had one son.
  • 4.      Martha Virginia – Never married, died during an operation.
  • 5.      Audley N. – Married Olive Auckerman and had three children and now is married to his third wife and lives in Florida.
  • 6.      David McKee – Born June 9, 1858 and died October 6, 1930, buried at Bloomfield Cemetery. Married November 9, 1882 to Amanda Mansfield, daughter of Monroe and Elizabeth Mansfield of Hopedale, Ohio. She was born May 7, 1856 and is buried in the Bloomfield Cemetery. She died January 21, 1932. They had the following children:
  • ·        Rev. Joseph L. H., he had three children.
  • ·        Robert Warnock, no children.

      William H. Hervey, III, son of William, Jr. and Susanah Hawthorne Hervey was born December 31, 1811, and died September 30, 1887 and is buried in the Bloomfield Cemetery. He was married June 21, 1838 to Mary McNary, daughter of Judge Samuel McNary. She was born Feburary 14, 1812 and died May 9, 1885. Judge McNary owned the farm where Unionport, Wayne Twp. now is located. Both William and Mary are buried at Bloomfield, Jefferson County, Ohio. They had six children.

     (This article will continue in a future newsletter and will include surnames: McKee, McAllister, McNary, Rankin, Hurford, McCullough, JohnsonParkhill and others.)