Information and photos were submitted by Joan Martindale, 2387 Aquetong, Rd., New Hope, PA 18938. Email at

Harter, Dunlap, Misselwitz, and Wise surnames in photo

Middle row, 3rd, John Fredrick Harter, 2nd row, 4th (hat on) Mamie Harter, 2nd row, 6th her daughter, Lillian Harter Dunlap. Behind man lying, his right shoulder is, John Henry Harter, back row 8th, Lula Misselwitz Wise.

The picture above is that of the family at Brown’s Island on a summer afternoon. Joan states, "that is what is written on the back of the photo."

Joan relates that Wm. Baxter owned Brown’s Island. She states that he was a Revolutionary War Soldier and his wife was Ruth Brown. Her mother Mary Brown had a brother named Richard Brown. He is the one that is supposed to have owned Brown’s Island in the early 1700’s. Due to the age of the photo Joan suggests that these photos were probably taken with an old box style camera. The sun or just age from handling the photo blurred the left side of the groups’ faces. Joan inquired of me if there were any Misselwitz families in the local phone directory so I looked up the surname and here is what I came up with: Misselwitz- Two listings in Wintersville, Cross Creek Twp., and State Rte. 213, Island Creek Twp.

{Photos were possibly taken early 1900’s}

The men in photo were not identified by Joan Martindale. On the side of the wagon it reads, The Steubenville Ice Company, Phone “301.” These men were busy on the brick roads of downtown Steubenville on a hot summer day. The store in the background sold: sundries, stationery, and rubber goods. Any assistance identifying any of these photos would be appreciated. Please contact Joan if you can identify family or friends in these group photos.

Above pictured “family in canoe going from Steubenville to Brown’s Island (Brooke Co, WV) on one hot summer day!” Joan’s aunt, Lula Misselwitz Wise (far right).