Steubenville Twp
Jefferson County, Ohio

Family history JUSTICE/PECK/LAASE and related families

Submitted by Susan McCannon
September 04, 2009
My grandmother was Bertha Justice Peck.  She was born in Mingo Junction, Ohio on January 28 1898.    Her parents were Charles and Louisa (Laase) Justice.  She also had five siblings, three of whom reached maturity.    Charles and Louise's young children (Charles and Mildred) are buried in Harmony as are Louise's parents and Charles brother Frank Justice who was killed in a mill accident in Mingo.  Frank left three young children and an wife expecting a fourth. I haven't had much luck finding the descendents but I have Frank's wifes name and the children.   I have a suspicion that the family was forced apart with a financial hardship after Franks death.    I have found the Mingo news article on the death of baby Charles Justice who choked on some screws he found in his father's toolbox about age two.   I also have the article describing Frank's death and accident.  Both corresponded well to the family story of how they died.  

Also buried in Harmony are Charles and Caroline Shantz Laase, parents of Louise.  Both were German immigrants who met and married in Wheelling but moved to Mingo after their daughter married. 

I should probably verify that Harmony and Georges Run are one in the same cemetery.  My research indicated they were.    All of these people are buried in unmarked graves.  My dad recently turned 80 years old and he remembers his grandfather Justice well.  I am sure he would be happy to provide you with any details I am missing.  Let me know if you want his email address.   

My dad was taken to the cemetery as a young boy and shown where the graves were....details were a "little sketchy" when he took me back about ten years ago or so.  

Charles Justice purchased all of the graves, for his infant children, his brother and his in laws so I think they are all buried close together.  Charles and Louise are buried in Union Cemetery along with their youngest son Edward and his wife.   Bertha is buried in Altoona.  Berthas other two siblings are Ray, buried in Uniontown PA and May buried in California.  May, Bertha and Edward all graduated from MIngo High School.   Edward later went on to become a doctor in Weirton. 

Do you need birth and death dates or do I have enough on Find  A Grave for you?