Reuben Hall
Revolutionary War Patriot

{Compiled by Kitty Kutchmark, written by Flora L. VerStraten}

Pension File – Reuben Hall, Continental Pa., Ohio Pittsburg, Reuben Hall, Regiment commanded by Col. Proctor in the Penn. Pensioner, signed by his son, Clark Hall, January 20, 1853, witnessed by Abraham and Irvin Fox. Letter written to Ethel B. Gage, dated May 23, 1940: Dear Madam, The data which follow in regard to Reuben Hall were obtained from papers on file in claim for pension S.2591 based upon his military service, in the Revolutionary War.

Reuben Hall was born September 19, 1755 place not stated nor are the names of his parents shown. While a resident of West Canon Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Reuben Hall enlisted April 11, 1776, served one year as artillery in Captain Sadler’s company, in Colonel Proctor regiment of Artillery.

 After the close of the Revolution, Reuben Hall lived in Berkeley County, Virginia, about thirty years, and from there moved to Smithfield, Jefferson County, Ohio.

The soldier was allowed pension on his application executed August 28, 1833, then a resident of Smithfield, Ohio.

He referred in September 1829 to his wife as aged sixty-seven years “last May” and to his granddaughter, Everlina Hall, aged sixteen years “last May”.

Reuben Hall died July 11, 1834 in Smithfield, Ohio leaving a widow, Sarah, who died February 15, 1835.

Their only surviving child in 1854 was Clark Hall, then living in Jefferson County, Ohio with post office address, Wintersville, Ohio. Reference was made in 1854 to another son, Jonathan Hall, who had been dead about ten years.

Joseph Hall in 1854, a resident of Jefferson County, Ohio stated that he was well acquainted with the soldier, Reuben Hall, but gave no relationship.

The papers on file in this claim contain no further discernible data in regard to family.

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Census Records

  • 1830 Census - Reuben Hall was found in the 1830 census in the town of Smithfield, Jefferson County, Ohio, film M19 pg.134. He was in the column under age 70/80 years, granddaughter 15/20, and wife 50/70 also listed.
  • 1840 Census – Reuben Hall, Wells Twp. aged 40
  • 1850 Census – A Reuben Hall, aged 50 in Cross Creek Twp.
  • 1860 Census – A Reuben Hall, Warren Twp., age 48
  • 1860 Census – Reuben Hall, Cross Creek Twp., aged 50.  Note  that the Reuben’s are still living in 1860

Tombstone Inscriptions, by Esther Powell (sold by the Jefferson County Chapter, OGS. Check on the homepage, under services and publications for sale.) Lists a Reuben Hall, 1812 – 1887, mate stone, face down, located in the Center/Tent Cemetery, Wells Twp.  (Quite possibly his son.)

MaryKay Letusick's son, shared a photo of a tombstone found in the woods of a Benjamin Hall, who we believe to be the brother of Reuben Hall, the Revoluntionary Veteran. The WPA maps and indexes indicate that Reuben and Benjamin Hall owned adjoining property in Warren Twp. This map also notes a private family cemetery on Reuben’s property. This area has been heavily logged and at the time Benjamin’s tombstone was found, heavy logging was going on in the entire area. MaryKay's son and friend located the stone while on their four wheelers. There was another noted broken tombstone as well in the same area. We have no record of the exact location where these tombstones were located, but the boys left them in the woods that day and we haven't seen them since. We do have a photo of the tombstone, which can easily be read.

 Vivian Snyder’s files, under Revolutionary Soldiers shows the following data: Reuben Hall, Revolutionary Soldier, buried at Hall Cemetery, 1 mile west of Junct., Route 7, 2 miles north Co. Hwy. 17. She notes “original readings of tombstones.” These records were compiled back in the 1930’s….

FamilySearch – Ancestral File and Pedigree Files – Reuben Hall death listed as 1842. A spouse is listed to a Reuben Hall as Elizabeth Rickard, married 26 January 1837, Jefferson County, Ohio.

NOTE - Thanks to Kitty Kutchmark in putting the following “dots” together on where Reuben Hall, the patriot might be buried. Clark Hall is well documented in his father’s pension files as his son. We have him living in Wintersville, Cross Creek Twp. during the time period when his father died.

There is work ahead attempting to prove the true burial location of Reuben Hall. With the WPA map and the discovered tombstone of his brother, Benjamin, knowing the area has been heavily logged, we feel sure that this is all that is left of the Hall cemetery, sadly. Does Reuben deserve to be honored with a marker if his family cemetery is gone and all attempts have been made to locate his gravesite? Our answer is yes. All veterans should be honored for their service!

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