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Thomas was born about 1858 in Ireland, possibly Northern Ireland. Very little is known about him unfortunately.

He married a Steubenville girl in 1884. Exactly when he came to Steubenville is unknown as is his occupation. He was a member of St. Peters Church.

His wife, Mary Ann Mullee, was born in England “to her disgrace” as her father had emigrated there from Ireland. She is listed on the 1880 Steubenville Census and had nine brothers and sisters.
Thomas and Mary Ann had five boys, my father being the youngest.

Thomas died on January 7, 1905 at age 47 in Steubenville and is buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Steubenville. His wife, Mary Ann died on February 17, 1940 and is also buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Steubenville, Ohio.

Their children, with the exception of my father, traveled around in their lives but came back to Steubenville later in life. They died here and are buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery.

Nothing is known about Thomas’ parents. Mary Ann’s parents were Patrick Mullee and Mary Mulrooney of Ireland and are buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery.

It is a sad comment to read this; it is all that I know about the Griffin background. I am trying to do some genealogical research, but keeping hitting stone walls here. When I come back to Steubenville to visit the relatives, I go to the cemetery and Schiappa library for research.

Their children were: Patrick, born 1885 in Steubenville, James J., born 1886, Thomas, born 1895, Martin J. born 1898, and John Joseph born 29 Mar. 1903.