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I am related to Isaac Harlan and John Gray

I am working on the documentation for Isaac Harlan.

I finally found the documentation on the DAR in regards to the daughters of David Gray Fickes applying for membership to the DAR.

The enclosed biographical sketch in the History of Belmont and Jefferson County is 98% accurate. The only discrepancy was the date of death for David Gray Sr. listed as 1866 when it was 1849. I can see where whoever wrote the biographical sketch may have gotten the date of death for a David Gray who died in 1866 in Wheeling.

David Gray, Jr died in 1859.

John Gray 1721-1817, Patriot

McCombs, Margaret Fickes
DAR ID Number: 135238
Nat'l Num: 135238
Chapter: 8020CO

Lawton, Juliette Fickes
DAR ID Number: 120519
DAR Nat'l Num: 120519
Chapter: 8020CO

[p.162] Mrs. Juliette Fickes Lawton.
DAR ID Number: 120519
Born in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Wife of Lucius Perkins Lawton.
Descendant of John Gray, as follows:
1. David Gray Fickes (1837-20 Jan 80) m. 1857 Hester Macon Smith (1837-1902).
2. George Fickes (1811-1 Jan 88) m. Louisa Gray (1809-1858).
3. David Gray (1775-1849) m. 1798 Sarah Garner (1780-1857).
4. John Gray m. Mary Gray (1740-1817).
John Gray (1721-1817) was a member of the council at Annapolis, 1779. He was born in London; died in Steubenville, Ohio.

DAR Ancestor &: A047631

SAR Ancestor &: P-169477

Type of Service: Patriot, Member of council
Birth: 1721
Death: 1817
(1) Mary

John Gray (1721 - 1817)(Photo of Headstone, Documentation)
is my 5th great grandfather

David Gray Sr (1775 - 15 Jan 1849) (my 4th great grandfather)(Grave Registration Card, Census Records, Ohio Tax Records)
son of John Gray

Dorcas "Dorathy" "Dorothy" Cooper nee Gray (1803 - Mar 1870) (my 3rd great grandmother) (marriage record to Ezekiel Cooper in Jefferson County, Census Records, Mortality Census Record)
daughter of David Gray Sr

George Myers Cooper (1836 - 1913) (my 2nd great grandfather) (death certificate, obituary, Census Records)
son of Dorcas "Dorathy" "Dorothy" Cooper nee Gray

Anna Myers Horner nee Cooper (1861 - 1946) (my great grandmother)
(death certificate, marriage record to Clark B Horner, obituary, Census Records)
daughter of George Myers Cooper

Raymond Floyd Horner (1900 - 1969) (my grandfather)
(obituary, Ohio Death Index, Census Records, marriage record to Emma Lillian Pratley, cemetery records)
son of Anna Myers Cooper

James Floyd "Jim" Horner Sr. (1928 - 2002) (my father)(death certificate, obituary, Census Records, photo of headstone)
son of Raymond Floyd Horner

Raymond F Horner
son of James Floyd Horner


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