Salt Run, Wells Township
Jefferson County, Ohio

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Information provided by James and Lola Maxine Wolfe
The chapter attempted to contact them but the letter was returned
They shared this information in the form of a letter to the Ohio Genealogical Society as well as the Jefferson County Chapter, OGS

Homestead, down over the hill from the Everson Private Cemetery.
Photo was taken by Flora L. VerStraten, March 2007.

Everson Family Cemetery

This cemetery is most easily reached by coming from Brilliant, Ohio, up Salt Run Road about a mile to the Salt Run School and then go 300 feet to a very, very, steep knob on which the cemetery is located. Mr. Everson told us that a pallbearer carrying a casket up the steep knob had a heart attack and was the next one buried there. Mr. Everson had this cemetery in immaculate shape on our April 14, 1973 visit. It was enclosed with a white plank fence with the planks nailed upright to stringers. All graves were marked except some were marked with concrete crosses, blocks and bricks.

These burials were identified by Mr. Everson and are the ones without regular stones. The records in the bible given to George W. Everson by his mother on Dec. 25, 1893, shows Elizabeth died Sept. 22, 1907 in her 78th year. In the extreme northwest corner of the enclosure were three bricks that marked the Parson baby’s grave. Mr. Everson said his father, John J. Everson allowed his friends, the Parsons of Brilliant, Ohio to bury the new born baby here during the depression of the 1930’s.

Everson Family Bible Records

The title page recites: Presented to George W. Everson by his mother, Dec. 25, 1893

Self pronouncing edition, in which all the proper names are divided…Allison Publishing Co., Newark, Ohio.

This Bible on April 14, 1973 was owned by James Emmett Everson of Wells Twp., Jefferson County, Ohio who lives across the road from the Salt Run School, near Brilliant, Ohio.

Certificate – This certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between James Everson of Rome, New York, and Elizabeth Carey of LaGrange, Ohio on Thursday, December 16, 1847 at Salt Run, Ohio by Rev. Andrew Scott of New Alexandria. Witness: Elizabeth McDevill, George Carey


James Everson and Elizabeth Carey, Dec. 16, 1847
James Richardson and Helen Everson, Sep. 6, 1868
John Everson and Marry Oliver, Dec 31, 1878
Henry L. Mayo and Josephine Everson, Jul 24, 1893
John Everson and Inggiel (?) Everson, Sep 20, 1893
George Everson and Kate Crown, Dec. 30, 1903
Horace Everson and Cora McGrew, Oct. 1906
Charley Everson and Melva Grace Fenster, Jun 24, 1926
John Everson and Ruth Carson, Jul 24, 1926
Horace Everson and Mabel Gibson, Jul 30, 1926
Mina Everson and Walter Haynes, Sep. 10, 1926
Nellie C. Everson and Wm. J. McKee, Jul 25, 1936
Thomas O. Everson and Virginia May Trembly, Jun 15, 1940


James, s/o Samuel and Hinnal Everson, Aug 26, 1805
Elizabeth, d/o John and Elizabeth Carey, Jul 22, 1868
Glenharig Riddle Everson, Jun 1, 1845
James Hollister Everson, Aug. 14, 1850
Sarah Elizabeth Everson, Feb 16, 1853
John Jay Devine Everson, Sep 20, 1855
Emmett Everson, Dec 18, 1857
George Washington Everson, Aug 22, 1860
Josephine Victoria Everson, Sep 4, 1863
Lucy Isabel Everson, Sep 1, 1866
Cornelia Hannah Everson (Nellie C.), Feb 25, 1868
Horace Elmer Everson, May 3, 1883
Carl Francis Everson, Feb 7, 1883
Leon Wayne Everson, Sep 7, 1884
Ethyl Avis Everson, Aug 3, 1889
Mary Leota Everson, Feb 25, 1891

Written by Nellie and Joe Everson

Emmett Everson, Oct 9, 1860, 2 yrs., 9 mos., 21 dys.
Ivy Ora Everson, Jun 17, 1880, 5 mos. 14 dys.
James Hollister Everson, Apr 17, 1883, 32 yrs., 8 mos., 3 dys.
Mary Jane Everson, Feb 27, 1891, aged 30 yrs.
Samantha Everson Ror,  July 1875
James Everson, Mar 21, 1893, aged 89 yrs.
Josephine Everson Mayo, Apr 4, 1898, aged 35 yrs.
Elmer Everson, Feb 17, 1898, aged 63 yrs.
Elizabeth Carey Everson, Sep 22, 1907, aged 78 yrs.
Sadie E. Everson, Mar 15, 1912, aged 59 yrs.
George W. Everson, Jul 5, 1908, aged 48 yrs.
John J. Divine Everson, Jul 30, 1915, aged 59
Helen Marie Everson Richardson, Jun 30, 1918, aged 70
Lucy Isabella Everson, Oct 20, 1937, 71
Marry Leota Everson, Aug 4, 1957, aged 66
Carl Francis Everson, Sep 24, 1950
Ethyl Avice Pauloin, Dec 25, 1956, aged 67
Mollie Everson Thompson 1957
Margaret Louise Mayo Everson, Sep 9, 1964, aged 91 yrs., 7 mos. 4 dys.
Nellie Cornelia Hannah Everson McKee, Jan 3, 1965, aged 95 yrs., 10 mos. 28 dys.
Raymond A. Everson, Mar 7, 1967, aged 64 yrs.


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