Cross Creek Twp
Jefferson County, Ohio

Sec 9,Twp 6,Range 2

On top of Gould’s RR Tunnel – Cross Creek Twp. - Cemetery area located near a privately owned land fill and heavily stripped mined area. Nothing left of the church/cemetery but a few tombstones thrown in a small wooded area in the middle of four-wheeler roads and forgotten strip mined hills, deplorable condition.

Article by: Flora L VerStraten

Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions of Family Members

The following information was compile by Doyle & Ruby Ekey. For further information concerning this cemetery and other “Ekey related” genealogy materials contact the Ekey’s at or 2224 SW Prairie Rd., Topeka, KS. 66614-1460. 

Note: The Ekey’s sent the chapter a wonderful booklet that they compiled which consisted of the following: Ekey Cemetery, the original church, schoolhouse, maps, and photos. They also included other wonderful genealogical records. As I read through the booklet, where I could see their years of genealogical work, it made me feel a great blanket of sadness for the state of our county cemeteries. As my mind pondered the countless stories of strip mining and logging, we continue to find many of our pioneer ancestors tombstones gone forever. Of course, only a handful of graves at the Ekey Cemetery exist today due to strip mining over the years.

Doyle & Ruby Ekey made a research trip here in 1999. We'd like to thank them for all the wonderful information they have shared with the chapter!

The following is taken from Doyle & Ruby Ekey’s trip in 1999: “Ekey Cemetery:”




David Nov/Dec1827  22 Nov 1850
Andrew  23 May 1793  5 Sep 1874
Nancy Ann 1 May 1799 5 Feb 1890
Nancy Emily 13 Mar 1844 21 Oct  1871
Samuel   14 Jan 1822  24 Sep 1870
Hattie E. 28 Nov 1861 13  Jul  1870
Listed as possible Burials, Ekey Cemetery:
Rev. J.H. 19 Aug 1832  30 Jan 1907
Maria  6 Jan 1848 16 Oct  1911
Wesley   1838 7 Aug 1870
Mrs. David LBoyd Jr. lists in addition to burials from above: Emma Ekey 1871 21 yrs.