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Summer Edgington
April 22, 2009 
Edgington/Robinette Family Histories
(Email correspondence between Summer Edgington and Flora L. VerStraten)

Thomas Edgington was the son of George Sr. & Margaret Broome. A third cousin on the Robinette side sent me everything she had on the Edgington Family. I have only been able to get to George, I.

I really am curious about his sons as well. I also want to get more information on their wives and children if it is available. I found a great-great uncle on the Robinette side and hope he will be able to provide more info as well.

My Great Grandfather was Tad Robinette. I know he married Mollie and had a Daughter named Betty Mae who married my Grandfather Joseph Cyrus Edgington, Sr. Betty Mae Robinette-Edgington may have passed sometime in the 1960's.

(I was able to retrieve these from my parent's wedding invitation list.)
I know I am related to William Robinette Sr, Last known IA
William Robinette Jr, Last known OH
Darrel Robinette, Last known Beckly, WV possibly married or related to Mary Margaret
Orville Robinette, Last known Leewood, WV
Warren Robinette, Last known Belle, WV
Marvin E. Robinette, Last known Elkview, WV

Joseph Cyrus Edgington Sr. 1st married Betty Mae Robinette and she died. Joe Cyrus, Sr. then married his girl friend Barbara.They had Bradley. Joe's sister Jacqueline married Richard White.They had a son Richard and another child,she couldn't remember their name.Joe's sister Ruth married Ralph Little.They had Deanna,Billy Joe,Bonnie,Richard and one more,she couldn't remember.Joe's other sister,Juanita's second marriage was to John Nestor.They adopted Timmy,who was supposed to be John's brother's son.Timmy got married and had a son. After he had the child,he found out that his wife was his sister,so they divorced. I know that my grandfather came from a large family and I am still putting together all the siblings. 

I  am also trying to seek out which Edgington's were in the Columbus Ohio area around 1968 and may have been in their 20's and female.

This is what Marilyn my 3rd cousin sent me. She has even shared pictures of my dad and his brother (both deceased) when they were kids. I knew she was kin when she was able to tell me things about the family that have stayed in the family. It was confirmation that when she started asking certain questions. 

Descendants of George Edgington I
Gt Grandfather x 6
Generation No. 1
1. GEORGE’ EDGINGTON was born 1694 in Bristol, Wales, and died 1791 in Weirton, Brooke Co. W.VA. He married MARGARET BROOME July 30, 1743 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, daughter of THOMAS BROOME and ELIZABETH COLEY. She was born Abt. 1724 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and died Dead in Holiday’s Cove, Brooke County, Virginia.
More About GEORGE EDGINGTON and MARGARET BROOME: Church: July 30, 1743, First Presbyterian
Marriage: July 30, 1743, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I. THOMAS2 EDGINGTON, b. January 02, 1743/44, HampshireCo. Va.; d. January 02, 1814, Holiday’s Cove, Brooke County, Virginia; m. MARTHA “PATTY”, 1764; b. Abt. 1821; d. Dead.
More About THOMAS EDGINGTON and MARTHA “PATTY’: Marriage: 1764

II. JOSEPH EDGINGTON, b. 1748, HampshireCo. Va.; d. April 1831, Adams Co., Ohio; m. (1) ELEANOR, 1769; b. Abt. 1750, Virginia; d. Abt. 1813, Adams Co., Ohio; m. (2) FJANNAH MCLAUGHLIN, August 04, 1814; b. March 16, 1771; d. August 02, 1845, Eagle Township, Brown Co., Ohio.
More About JOSEPH EDGINGTON and ELEANOR: Marriage: 1769
More About JOSEPH EDGINGTON and HANNAH MCLAUGHLIN: Marriage: August 04, 1814

III.GEORGE EDGINGTON, b. 1750, Hampshire Co. Virginia; d. 1815, Adams County, Ohio; m. (1) MARY NAYLOR, 1770, Hampshire Co. Va.; b. Abt. 1750, Hampshire Co.,Virginia; d. I3ef. 1797; m. (2) ALMIRA
LEEDOM, Abt. 1797; b. 1756, Bucks Co.,Pa..
More About GEORGE EDGINGTON and MARY NAYLOR: Marriage: 1770, Hampshire Co. Va.
Wife (2): Almira Leedom  More About GEORGE EDGINGTON and ALMIRA LEEDOM: Marriage: Abt. 1797

IV. ISAAC EDGINGTON, b. 1752, Hampshire Co.,Virginia; d. Abt. 1836, Adams Co., Ohio; m. (1) SUSANNAH BUCEY; b. March 15, 1761, Rock Creek Hundred, Frederick Co., Maryland; d. Dead; m. (2) ELIZABETH VIERS, 1777; b. 1757; d. Dead.
More About ISAAC EDGINGTON: Burial: Bentonville, Adams Co.
More About ISAAC EDGINGTON and ELIZABETH VIERS: Marriage: 1777  
V. JOHN EDGINGTON, b. 1755, Hampshire Co., Virginia; d. 1813, Canal Fulton, Stark Co., Ohio; m. NANCY BRUCE, 1779, Brooke Co., Virginia; b. 1757, Brooke Co., Virginia; d. Dead.
Marriage: 1779, Brooke Co., Virginia

VI. ELIZABETH EDGINGTON, b. Abt. 1757, Hampshire Co., Virginia; d. Dead.

VII. JESSE EDGINGTON, b. December 1759, Hampshire Co.,Virginia; d. July 06, 1821, Mansfield, Ohio; m. (1) NANCY PALMER; m. (2) MARGARET PARRAMOUR, October 05, 1779; b. August 29, 1764; d. July 10, 1847, Richland Co., Ohio.
More About JESSE EDGINGTON and MARGARET PARRAMOUR: Marriage: October 05, 1779

VIII. HANNAH EDGINGTON, b. Abt. 1760, Hampshire Co., Virginia; d. Dead, Hampshire Co., Virginia; m. WILLIAM ENGLE, 1781, Hampshire Co. Va.; b. Abt. 1760; d. Dead.
More About WILLIAM ENGLE and HANNAH EDGINGTON: Marriage: 1781, Hampshire Co. Va.

ix. JEMIMA EDGINGTON, b. 1763, Hampshire Co., Virginia; d. Abt. 1835, Freeport,Harrison Co., Ohio; m. BENJAMIN REED, 1781, Pennsylvania; b. 1760; d. 1833.
More About BENJAMIN REED and JEMIMA EDGINGTON: Marriage: 1781, Pennsylvania

Descendants of George Edgington II
Great Grandfather x 5  Generation No. 1
1. GEORGE2 EDGINGTON (GEORGE’) was born 1750 in Hampshire Co. Virginia, and died 1815 in Adams County,
Ohio. He married (1) MARY NAYLOR 1770 in Hampshire Co. Va.. She was born Abt. 1750 in Hampshire
Co.,Virginia, and died Bef. 1797. He married (2) ALMIRA LEEDOM Abt. 1797, daughter of JOHN LEEDOM and
LETITIA JOHNSON. She was born 1756 in Bucks Co. PA..
More About GEORGE EDGINGTON and MARY NAYLOR: Marriage: 1770, Hampshire Co. Va.
Wife (2): Almira Leedom
More About GEORGE EDGINGTON and ALM1RA LEEDOM: Marriage: Abt. 1797

i. JOHN3 EDGINGTON, b. 1770, Hampshire Co.,Virginia; d. August 10, 1815, W. Union,(Busro),Knox Co.,Indiana; m. MARY “POLLY” NAYLOR; b. 1777; d. January 30, 1813, Knox Co.,lndiana.

ii. GEORGE EDG1NGTON, b. 1774, Hampshire Co.,Virginia; d. Dead, Adams Co., Ohio; m. ELIZABETH LINDSEY, March 03, 1796; b. February 14, 1782; d. Dead, Adams Co., Ohio.
More About GEORGE EDGINGTON and ELIZABETH LINDSEY: Marriage: March 03, 1796

iii. ABSOLOM EDGINGTON, b. 1776, Manchester, Ohio; d. 1853, Manchester, Ohio; m. NANCY HOLLOWAY, July 25, 1816, Manchester, Ohio; b. 1776; d. Dead.
More About ABSOLOM EDGINGTON and NANCY HOLLOWAY: Marriage: July 25, 1816. Manchester, Ohio

iv. ELIZABETH “TACY’ EDGINGTON, b. Abt. 1778, Hampshire Co.,Virginia; d. 1824, Sprigg Township, Adams Co., Ohio; m. WILLIAM LEEDOM, 1791, Adams Co., Ohio; b. September 03, 1763, Redstone County,Brownsville,Washington Co., Pennsylvania; d. March 14, 1850, Sprigg Township, Adams Co., Ohio.
More About WILLIAM LEEDOM and ELIZABETH EDGINGTON: Marriage: 1791, Adams Co., Ohio

v. SARAH EDGINGTON, b. 1780, Hampshire Co.,Virginia; d. Dead; m. SAMUEL TUMBLESON, December 10, 1800, Adams Co., Ohio; b. 1782, Ohio; d. May 23, 1828.
More About SAMUEL TUMBLESON and SARAH EDGINGTON: Marriage: December 10, 1800, Adams Co., Ohio

vi. WILLIAM EDGINGTON, b. January 14, 1781, Hampshire Co.,Virginia; d. June 02, 1845, Sprigg Township, Adams Co., Ohio; m. PHOEBE NOLEMAN, 1803, Adams Co., Ohio; b. 1786, Maryland; d. Aft. 1869.
More About WILLIAM EDGINGTON and PHOEBE NOBLEMAN: Marriage: 1803, Adams Co., Ohio

vii. MARY ‘POLLY” EDG1NGTON, b. Abt. 1783, Hampshire Co.,Virginia; d. Bef. August 13, 1826; m. GEORGE NOBLEMAN, Abt. 1800, Adams Co., Ohio; b. January 22, 1799; d. Dead.
More About GEORGE NOBLEMAN and MARY EDGINGTON: Marriage: Abt. 1800, Adams Co., Ohio

viii. DRUCILLA EDGINGTON, b. 1788, Adams Co., Ohio; d. Dead, Adams Co., Ohio; m. JONATHAN PALMER, June 30, 1814, Adams Co., Ohio.
More About JONATHAN PALMER and DRUCILLA EDGINGTON: Marriage: June 30, 1814, Adams Co., Ohio

ix. ABEL EDGINGTON, b. 1794, Adams Co., Ohio; d. November 15, 1876, Adams Co., Ohio; m. (1) FIANNAH
WOODS, June 08, 1815, Adams County, Ohio; b. Abt. 1794, A dams Co., Ohio; d. Dead; m. (2) SUSAN
MEREDITH, 1818, Adams County, Ohio; b. 1798, Adams Co., Ohio; d. Dead; m. (3) NANCY WIDLE, Abt.
1821, Adams County, Ohio; b. 1800; d. Dead.
More About ABEL EDGINGTON: Occupation: Brickmason
More About ABEL EDGINGTON and HANNAH WOODS: Marriage: June 08, 1815, Adams County, Ohio
More About ABEL EDGINGTON and SUSAN MEREDITH: Marriage: 1818, Adams County, Ohio
More About ABEL EDGINGTON and NANCY WIDLE: Marriage: Abt. 1821, Adams County, Ohio

x. PETER3 EDGINGTON, b. 1798.
xii. JOHN EDGINGTON, b. 1809.
xiii. SARAH EDGINGTON, b. 1809.
xiv. BEULAH EDGINGTON, b. 1809.
xvi. NATHAN EDGINGTON, b. 1813.
xvii. THOMAS EDGINGTON, b. 1815.

Descendants of Peter Widle Edgington
Great Grandfather x3

Generation No. I

1. PETER WIDLE4 EDGINGTON (ABEL3, GEORGE2, GEORGE) was born June 20, 1822 in Adams Co., Ohio, and
died February 24, 1905 in Charleston, W.Va.. He married (1) JANE BURBAGE February 26, 1845 in Adams
County, Ohio. She was born 1825, and died 1849. He married (2) SARAH J. MONTGOMERY August 28, 1850 in
Manchester, Ohio, daughter of NATHANIEL MONTGOMERY and PRICILLA ROUNSAVELL. She was born June 15, 1823 in Manchester, Ohio, and died March 29, 1873 in Manchester, Ohio. He married (3) LYDIA CONWAY July
01, 1874 in Fleming County, Kentucky. She was born November 17, 1846 in Kentucky, and died December 24,
1877. He married (4) CYNTHIA BAILEY August 05, 1879 in Maysville, Kentucky. She was born 1844, and died  1926.
More About PETER WIDLE EDGINGTON: Occupation: Brickmason

Cynthia Baily: August 05, 1879, Maysville, Kentucky
Jane Burbage: February 26, 1845, Manchester, Ohio
Lydia Conway: July 01, 1874, Fleming Co., Kentucky
Sarah Montgomery: August 28, 1850, Second marriage
More About PETER EDGINGTON and JANE BURBAGE: Marriage: February 26, 1845, Adams County, Ohio
More About PETER EDGINGTON and SARAH MONTGOMERY: Marriage: August 28, 1850, Manchester, Ohio
More About PETER EDGINGTON and LYDIA CONWAY: Marriage: July 01, 1874, Fleming County, Kentucky
More About PETER EDGINOTON and CYNTHIA BAILEY: Marriage: August 05, 1879, Maysville, Kentucky

, b. April 28, 1847, Manchester, Ohio; d. Dead.

ii. PERRY EDG1NGTON, b. April 30, 1849; d. Dead.

iii. CYRUS NELSON5 EDGINGTON, b. September 13, 1851, Manchester, Ohio; ci. July 01, 1909, Charleston, W.Va.; m. (1) ELIZA A. CRAWFORD, December 28, 1875, Vaneeburg Methodist Church; b. 1855,
j Vanceburg,Kentucky; d. 1891; m. (2) SARAH A. HAMILTON, March 16, 1892, Home of Cyrus in Clarksburgh,Kentucky; b. 1860, Lewis Co. Kentucky.
William W. Dawson was the principal and surety on the marriage bond of Cyrus and Eliza. He later married
Eliza’s sister Nancy
More About CYRUS NELSON EDGINGTON: Great Grandfather x2
Census: June 05, 1900, Charleston,WV page 212 Legislature: 1903, W,Va. state                                                  Occupation: Bricklayer  Religion: Methodist
More About ELIZA A. CRAWFORD: ‘Burial: Vanceburg,Ky.
CARRIE A. EDGINGTON, b. July 05, 1853, Manchester. Ohio; d. December 27, 1913.

3 PARIS B. EDGINGTON, b. November 11, 1855, Manchester, Ohio; d. February 14, 1904, Maysville,
Kentucky; m. ELIZABETH N. BAILY, October 24, 1888, Maysville, Kentucky; b. July 1869, Fleming Co.,Ky.;
d. April 16, 1951, Maysville, Kentucky.
Her mother was Cynthia, who was married to Paris’ father Peter at one time
More About PARIS EDGINGTON and ELIZABETH BAILY: Marriage: October 24, 1888, Maysville, Kentucky

EDMOND J.EDGINGTON, b. April 09, 1858, Manchester, Ohio; d. January 16, 1918, Covington, Kentucky; m. AMANDA BELLE EVANS, June 10, 1897, Maysville, Kentucky; b. December 1859; ci. January 23, 1933, Covington, Kentucky.
More About EDMOND J.EDGINGTON and AMANDA EVANS: Marriage: June 10, 1897, Maysville, Kentucky
JOHN KENTON EDGINGTON, b. August 15, 1860, Manchester, Ohio; d. July 07, 1896, Maysville, Kentucky; m. AMANDA BELLE EVANS, Abt. 1884; b. December 1859; d. January 23. 1933, Covington, Kentucky.
More About JOHN EDGINGTON and AMANDA EVANS: Marriage: Abt. 1884

EMMA E. EDG1NGTON, b. January 06, 1863, Manchester, Ohio; m. PHILIP F, STUCKER, October 19, 1892, Maysville, Kentucky; b. 1858, Pennsylvania.
More About PHILIP STUCKER and EMMA EDGINGTON: Marriage: October 19, 1892, Maysville, Kentucky

7 IDA ELIZA EDG1NGTON, b. June 01, 1865, Lewis County,Ky.; ci. April 05, 1929, Maysville,Kentucky; m. GEORGE BASSETT MEANS, June 21, 1884; b. November 28, 1860, Maysville,Kentucky; d. August 03, 1934.
More About IDA ELIZA EDGINGTON: BuHal: Maysville Cemetery
More About GEORGE BASSETT MEANS: Burial: Maysville Cemetery
More About GEORGE MEANS and IDA EDGINGTON: Marriage: June 21, 1884

MARGARET J “MAGGIE’ EDGINGTON, b. September 24, 1868, Manchester, Ohio; d. 1939, Charleston,W.V.; m. CHARLES C. BRADLEY, October 27, 1891, Maysville, Kentucky; b. 1860, Maysville, Kentucky; ci. 1936.
More About CHARLES BRADLEY and MARGARET EDGINGTON: Marriage: October 27, 1891, Maysville, Kentucky , ,. Livi j

9 . PETER5 EDGTNGTON, b. 1875.

/ 0 . MARY H. EDGINGTON, b. January 07, 1876; d. June 02, 1878.

/ i . THOMAS ADISON EDGINGTON, b. December 10, 1877; d. 1924; m. ALICE PEARL MANESSIER; b. 1883; d. 1935. Occupation: Bricklayer

iv. NELSON EDG1NGTON, b. June 1886, Manchester Ohio; d. Charleston West Virginia; m. CALLIE CONNER, Abt. 1911, Charleston,WV; b. 1887.
Census: 1920, Lived on Randolph St.Charleston
Occupation: Bricklayer
Marriage: Abt. 1911, Charleston,WV

v. RALPH T. EDGINGTON, b. September 1888, Manchester, Ohio; d. June 1963, Charleston, West Virginia; m. EVA V. FIGIATT; b. 1898; d. Dead, Charleston, West Virginia.
More About RALPH T. EDGINGTON:  Great Grandfather
Occupation: Bricklayer

Being that Ralph was a bricklayer and there is a house which is still standing to this day that he may have built, really keeps me wondering. I even found my great-great Uncle Tad Robinette. I have so many old pictures and I sent some to him, that were of him, his wife and his son. He didn't have that picture and really appreciated it. Now I know who they are. I hate that work keeps me so busy that I cannot get all those pictures scanned. I must do it soon. 

Marilyn even sent photos to me of George, Sr and Jr. Peter, Eleanor (sister to my Grandfather Joe Cyrus, Sr.), Nelson and Ralph, Flora Edgington and her husband Virgil Hindman.
I also noticed that several Edward Edgington's were born from the 1800s. All with different parents listed but all seem tied back to George, Sr. Amazingly enough it seems as though the Edgington men have been destined to serve their country.  


HOMAN BENJAMIN HALLOCK died at his residence No. 736 North Fifth Street, Saturday morning, October 19, 1895.  He was born on the island of Malta June 14, 1830, his father being a missionary there under the American Board.  The mission was moved to Smyrna, Asia Minor, where he lived until he was twelve years of age, at which time… his father returned to this country.  At sixteen years of age he came to Steubenville to live with his great uncle, Judge JEREMIAH HALLOCK….when he was twenty-five he married ADELIA ANN FARNSWORTH of Holliday’s Cove, W.VA….He enlisted in 1861 in the Volunteer Infantry, Twelfth Virginia Regiment, Company I. and was in active service until the close of the war.  He moved his family from his farm at Edgington Station in 1876 and has been in business in Steubenville ever since.  He leaves to mourn him a wife and twelve children, eight sons, Revs. GERARD B.F. of Rochester, N.Y.; ROBERT CRAWFORD of Brooklyn; WILLIAM ALLEN of Groveland, N.Y.; and HENRY G.C. of Princeton, N.J.; Doctors  SILAS F. of N.Y., and JOHN C. of Cleveland; also CHARLES B. on business in N.Y., and HOMAN F.G., a young lad at home; and four daughters: MRS. EFFIE H. BRADDOCK, a missionary in India; MARY E. and FRANCES A., in college…and MARGARET W.  at home.

The more I look into my great grandfather (x6) George Edgington, Sr., and  gt.grandmother (x6), Margaret Broome validates the reason why I want to know more. All 6 sons served together. Amazing. I am very grateful to the soldiers who serve our country, and knowing all of these men were family too; I am so grateful your organization is available. I understand why I am so passionate about this country and our freedom.

Thanks for your help,

Summer J. Edgington