Salem Twp
Jefferson County, Ohio

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{East Springfield Presbyterian Church}†

Presbyterian Church, East Springfield, Jefferson County, Ohio
The following was abstracted from the original church history record by Flora L. VerStraten.
No spelling corrections were attempted but appear exactly as it was written.
Abstracted March of 2006

On the 27th March 1847 a number of the citizens of East Springfield and vicinity favorable to Presbyterianism, met to consider the propriety of erecting a Presbyterian house of worship in said village a careful consideration of the matter, it was resolved is make a immediate effort for that purpose; and a committee was appointed to solicit sincerely and select a location for said church.

At another meeting held on the 21st of May of the same year, the above committee reported that they had secured subscriptions in the amount of $885.00 and negotiated for a suitable lot and commenced that a congregation be immediately organized and a house of worship erected. Accordingly the draft of a constitution being presented, it was considered and adopted and a Presbyterian congregation organized. Messers Stuart McClave, William Palmer, George Hammond, John Calhoun, Joseph Clemens and Calleb Waggoner were chosen trustees, and were directed to present respectively as possible and the erection of a church building.

The house having been completed was on the 25th of August A.D. 1848 solemnly dedicated to the ownership of Almighty God. Dr. Beatty preaching on the occasion from Pa. Holiness becometh thy House.

Rev. Messrs, Thos. Hunt, John Knox, William Eaton, and C.C. Riggs also took part in the exercises. The Lordís Supper was administered I the church for the time on the following Sabbath. In April 1850 a petition was presented by members of the church in Springfield and vicinity to the Presbytery of Steubenville ----- to be organized into a church. The request was presented and Rev. Messrs. C.C. Riggs and John Knox, with D. Johnston, elder, were appointed a committee for the purpose. ---- in the 1st day of June, A.D. 1850, public notice back previously given, said committee met in the church in Springfield and proceeded to organize a church consisting 36 members in the following bases, the undersigned, to promote our mutual spiritual interest, do covenant and agree to unite this in church relation and fellowship to be herby the name and style of the East Springfield Presbyterian of Jefferson County, Ohio, we also agree to receive the confession of faith of the Presbyterian church of the United States of America to be the confession of our fathers, and the bond of union among and to receive and submite to the rules hereby in the right of God and before the world, do solemnly covenant and pledge ourselves to watch over each other in love, and to endeavor to walk in unity of faith of Spiritual mutually to bear the burdens of each other and of the church.

Messr. Henry Pittinger, Joseph Clemens, and Alex. Porter were chosen ruling elders, and on the 23 d. of June, A.D. 1850 were regularly ordained and installed. On the 25th of the same month, the church was taken under the care of Steubenville Pres. And on application, C.C. Riggs was permitted to labor as much of his time among them as they would ---- upon with the Richmond Church, until the next meeting of Presb.

At the meeting of Pres. In Oct. A.D. 1850 Wm. Riggs was permitted to labor in the church for one third of his which he continued to do --- to another of labor in April A.D. 1852 after the removed of Mr. Riggs, Rev. Jno. Watson supplied the church for six months, the next pastor was Rev. L. Grier, whose labors began Jan 1st 1853, and continued until December, A.D. 1860 when he was released on his own request to accept a call to the Fork of Wheeling Church. In April 1862, Rev. J. S. Marquis accepted a call for the one word of his time, and continued to preach in the church until during the summer of 1864, he was compelled by ill health to cease for a time from the active --- if the ministry.

In April of 1865, R.W. Wycoff, then a ---- began to preach as a supply, for the one word of the time, for April 1866, having accepted a call from the churches of East Springfield, Bacon Ridge, and Richmond, Mr. Wycoff was ordained to the full work of the ministry by the Presbytery of Steubenville, and on the 1, for the one word of the time, for April 1866, having accepted a call from the churches of East Springfield, Bacon Ridge, and Richmond, Mr. Wycoff was ordained to the full work of the ministry by the Presbytery of Steubenville, and on the 14th of June of same year he was installed pastor of the three churches above named. At his installation Rev. M.H. Parkinson missions proposed the constitution questions, and preached ---- Jun Rev. 8:16, Rev. J Brice delivered the chargers to the pastor of the people.

In May 1867 Mr. Wycoff having been released from the Church of Richmond began to labor on the church of East Springfield for one half of his time; and this he continued to do ----. Oct 19thy 1883 at which time he was released in order to accept a call to the Church of Presbyterian the Presbytery of Pittsburgh the 20th day of April 1874 a call from each of the churches of East Springfield and Bacon Ridge was moderated by Rev. Israel Price for the pastoral serves of W. M. Eaton ---- of the Presbytery of Steubenville which was into his hands and accepted by him at a meeting of the Presbytery. Held at Waynesburg June 2nd 1874 at which time he was ordained to the full work of the ministry. The church having been supplied by Presbytery and itself from the dismissals of Rev. C.W. Wycoff, W. Eaton entered upon his labors May 1st 1874 giving on half of his time to each of the churches, above names. This continued until April 30th 1874 when the church of Amsterdam was added to his pastoral charge and received one fourth of his time for twenty five and to June 1st when the former arrangement was assumed.

Rev. W. M. Eaton was installed pastor of East Springfield and Bacon Ridge June 18th 1874 but a committee of the Presbytery consisting of Revs. G. Price, S.S. Dickey, and by invitation, C.W. Wycoff of the Pres. of Pitts. M. Price presided, proposed the constitutional questions and preached and preached the Sermon from Matt. 13:41, 48, 49. Dickey delivered the charge to the pastor and Wycoff to people. This pastorate was characterized by peace and prosperity and in the winter of 76-7 by special pouring of Godís Spirit and the additions at one of the 45 persons to its communication. At the request of the Pastor the relation was dissolved by the Presbytery August 28th 1878.