DONATIONS OF FAMILY HISTORIES WOULD BE OF GREAT BENEFIT TO OUR ARCHIVE – Our board is requesting and accepting donations from anyone that has compiled a family history/genealogy publication that has any connections to Jefferson County, Ohio and/or the tri-state area.

Several of our chapter members, over the years, have donated their histories and genealogies to the chapter. However, before now, when the chapter received a donation of this kind, the board has donated those research materials/books to the Schiappa Public Library, Ohio Research room over the years.

Our chapter can be proud of the fact that we have donated and stocked many of the research shelves at the Schiappa Library as well as the Jefferson County Historical Society library with some great and very helpful sources, books and all of our publications.

However, we now have our own archives and are building our own research library/materials and need your help. Many of the libraries, yes, even our local public libraries are under serious budget restraints and have cut patron hours, we would like to offer the opportunity for our members to donate copies of their histories to our chapter archive/library. Our chapter archive/library will never reduce, or trade, or discard a local family history or genealogy book donated to us somewhat like public libraries choose to do as well as having them stolen from their shelves... We will enforce strict library policies that will limit the ability for someone to steal the materials from our archive/library.

If you would be interested in donating your family history or family genealogy that has or has not been published send it to: Jefferson County Chapter, OGS, PO Box 2367, Wintersville, OH 43953.  We will also accept family group records and pedigree charts as well as local photos of people, places, businesses and things.