Wayne Township
Jefferson County, Ohio

{Written Sandy Day} Sometime prior to 1910, A Disciple Church was established in Unionport and was still in use in 1910.

A committee from the Steubenville Presby., consisting of Rev. Israel Price, Rev. T. V. Milligan and Henry Hammond organized Unionport Presbyterian Church Jun 14, 1874.  There were 23 original members. 

There was a M.P. (Methodist Protestant?) Church in Bloomfield (now known as Bloomingdale). The building was later used as a schoolhouse and was still standing in 1910.  At that time, it was reported that there had not been any services held there for over 50 years.  Bloomingdale Presbyterian Church was founded in 1827. 

Bloomingdale United Presbyterian Church was organized October 10, 1871. 

Methodist Episcopal (M.E.) Church in Bloomfield (now Bloomingdale) was organized about 1828. The Bloomfield circuit for this church included Hopedale, Long’s, and Unionport.

Unionport M.E. Church was organized in 1863. 

Hays Chapel at Cresswell was organized early and was attached to the Wintersville Circuit, along with Center Chapel and the county infirmary.  It is presumed that the term circuit refers to the circuit preachers who went from church to church instead of preaching only to one congregation.