Detchon  - Allmon - Boring - Ferguson & Allied Families

Matt Detchon is a member of our chapter, just joining us a few years ago, with his interest and involvement in the cemetery extraction project working in Brush Creek Township.  Matt is doing an outstanding job of locating some of the most “remote” cemeteries in our county.  Matt's father was Dean A. Detchon who served in the United States Air Force.  His parents later made Columbiana County their home.   

Matt shared that his father’s roots run deep in Jefferson County and that he spent a lot of time in the Brush Creek Township area, along with his parents, Fred A. Detchon (born in Fox Twp., Carroll Co, OH) and wife, Verla J. Ferguson DetchonFred’s parents were William D. Detchon (“Del”) and Olive Rose. Wm.’s mother (photo below) was Nancy Leona Boring. They moved from Carroll County, Ohio to Monroeville.  

The family enjoyed the great outdoors that Brush Creek Township provided. They liked hiking and fox hunting!  With Matt’s grandfather still living, he has his gravestone ready with the epitaph reading, “THE OLD FOX HUNTER.” 

As a young girl, Matt’s grandmother, Verla Ferguson, would spend her summers with her grandfather, John P Allmon at his home in an area of Brush Creek Twp., still known as “Allmon’s Hollow.”  Verla would leave her parents, William R. Ferguson and Elizabeth R. Allmon, in Sebring, Ohio “a week after school was out” and return “a week before school started.”  John Allmon (Elizabeth’s father) was born in Carroll County and came to Jefferson and his first wife being, Lula B Russell and later, Sarah Russell (sisters) both from Brush Creek. The earliest members of the family settled in Brush Creek Township in 1805. 

The Detchon family migrated to this area from Boardman Township,  Mahoning County, Ohio. Matt states, “from my grandfather back to my g-g-g-g-g-grandfather, Matthew Russell they are all buried in Jefferson County cemeteries.”  He ends this interview by making the following statement and observation, “The Russell and Rose surnames seem to be my strongest links to Jefferson County. My involvement in the Jefferson County Chapter, OGS Cemetery Tombstone Project has opened new doors to my ancestors.  So far, much of my personal research and research for the project have went hand in hand.”