The following information was taken from the web site-  This site has a pictorial catalog of flag holders and plaque from countless organizations and military. The collection of photographs began in June of 2000 by Joyce M. Tice.

She states, “these markers are present in most cemeteries and we tend to overlook them. We genealogists focus on the names and the tombstones and pay little attention to these markers. It isn’t until we stop and take a closer look that we realize the diversity that exists and the local history that is preserved in the older markers. It becomes like a treasure hunt to tour a cemetery to find a marker you have not seen before.”  She continues, “many of these markers are diverse and captivating but are vastly disappearing with caretaker staff that can’t be bothered with them and have removed them over the years.”Mrs. Tice continues with several recommendations including the how to’s of collecting our own markers and flag holders.  Our collections should be done ONLY with a camera! No one should EVER remove a flag holder from its place. Some person or organization that cared about that person left it there to honor them and you must NOT interfere with that.  These markers and flag holders have been seen on Ebay and even the Old Antique Road Show. When they appeared on the road show, appraisers requested the markers be returned and that it has NO “appraisal value.” They continued to inform the public that these markers should not be collected by anyone including our historical societies, genealogy societies and the like. We should stand strong and set an example to do all we can to keep our ancestors local history provided from these markers and flag holders.

Do NOT buy or sell historic cemetery flagholders or markers.  From the web site above, Mrs. Tice has serious reservations about creating a market for cemetery flagholders. It makes them VERY vulnerable to theft when people can just walk in to a cemetery and get salable items. She states that she is very much in favor of making it illegal to sell any kind of cemetery memorabilia. In many states it is illegal to steal military flagholders and markers.  She has found caretakers trash where “heaps” had been dumped and never felt the need to take them and sell them.  They are a treasured piece of information for descendants of these people and belong by the tombstones where they were originally placed. Leave them there!