George W. Carter

Enlistment: 21 years of age at time of enlistment
Enlisted on Aug 11, 1862 as Corporal
Mustering Information: Enlisted into B Co 52nd Infantry (Ohio) on Aug 21, 1862. Discharged due to promotion form 52nd Infantry on Feb 1, 1864 (estimated date of discharge)
Commissioned into 27th Infantry (US Colored Troops) on Feb 1, 1864. Resigned from 27th Infantry (US Colored Troops) on Apr 13, 1864
Promotions: Promoted to 2nd Lieut. (Full, Vol.) on Feb 1, 1864.
Sources: Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio (1886) and Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force 1861-1865 (1865).